Is the targeting Biden and Harris are doing toward black voters actually racist? 

May 30 – News broke recently that President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have created an effort to mobilize black voters. 

They’re calling it Blacks for Biden/Harris. 

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “It seems very racist to me to be targeting people based on just their skin color for making political points this way. It would never be tolerated if you flipped the race in question.”

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM added, “It’s a shame that Philadelphia black leadership continues to screw their own people in Philly, in Baltimore, in New York, in Detroit, in Chicago. You’ve got major problems with your kids with the groceries with the gasoline and yet you continue to listen to the black leadership like the poison that is Al Sharpton. Anybody listening to that guy or that he has any air with any of these people is beyond me. Why does it continue?”

PA Representative Rob Kauffman said, “It’s sad. I saw the video or the picture of Biden with Bob Casey and a lot of the black leaders in Philadelphia, including Mayor Parker. It is thoroughly disappointing because that city is not doing well and it’s sad because the residents, those who live in Philly are reaping the harvest of the Biden years and it’s it is to their detriment, to their destruction, the city and its residents, but their leadership, the black leadership continues to lead the minority residents of the city of Philadelphia down this path of supporting the same policies that have led them to the destruction that they’re in right now. They’re obviously in Philadelphia, because they see that some of the black population are waking up to it and saying, no, I’m not following those people who have led me down this wrong path all these years, and they see in many states, I saw a poll last night where Virginia, of all places where they rely on certain populations is tied right now in the polls. Virginia. Virginia hasn’t voted for a Republican presidential candidate in years and it’s the same thing in state after state. He needs the black vote to turn out like they did before for him and they see that slipping away. They would never spend time in these areas because they didn’t need to. They would just do it by rehearsal. I mean, it was like a rehearsal. They do it all the time. But now they are seeing that Independent black voters are saying no, I’m not doing this anymore.”

Ryan said, “I would love to think that that’s the case.”

Jansen suggested, “They want to put them back to sleep and I am caught being put back to sleep through propaganda that makes you afraid.” 

Ryan said, “Look at Bob Casey, you see him every six years, let that be your wake up call or you see Joe Biden come around every four years or so.”

“Why do you only see them at this time?” Jansen asked. 

“Exactly,” Ryan agreed. “Let that drive them but you know what, it’s not going to do it. It just isn’t going to do it. You know it. I know it. The American people know it. You see it year after year, and yet you don’t change what you’re doing. You’re just going to blindly follow that leadership and you get what you vote for.”

Kauffman said, “I think you’re right with a majority, but President Trump does not need a majority vote out of the African American community. All he needs is a greater percentage than he had in the past.”