Is the southern border issue just a campaign strategy at this point? 

May 22 – US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is bringing another border package to the Senate floor on Thursday. 

It’s the same package that failed in February and would allow 4,000 people across the border per day. 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM predicted, “This is not going to work again. This is Joe Biden’s border and you’re stressing your resources. Your schools are being stressed because of Joe Biden. Your police force is stressed because of Joe Biden and the southern border. Your food pantries, they’re getting lower and lower and it’s because we’ve got all the illegal aliens that are coming into this country. You’ve got to go through the process legally like the rest of the people have done here. It’s Joe Biden’s border and he’s making you pay for the illegals’ health, their housing, their schooling. So when Chuck Schumer is pointing at the Republicans that is just a bunch of lies, and it’s absolute pure evil.” 

A recent Fox poll shows Donald Trump has a 15 point percent advantage on immigration over Joe Biden.

Ryan said, “We didn’t have it perfect. But we didn’t have a Joe Biden border like we have right now.”

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “This is the same package that was defeated or didn’t pass a few months ago. The votes may be in the Senate to pass this, by the way. Remember, this was the package that I believe Senator Lankford, the Republican from Oklahoma, had put together saying that this was a good bipartisan solution to the problem. The Senate seemed on board with it. But the House said they won’t put it on the floor for a vote. I’ll bet the same thing happens again. The Senate may pass this. Speaker Johnson is not going to put it on the floor. Johnson and other House Republicans are saying this bill does not go far enough. Schumer and Lankford and others in the Senate are saying half a loaf is better than no loaf. Let’s do this, but I don’t think anything’s going to come of it.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM suggested, “There’s only one reason they’re pushing this vote. It’s a campaign issue. Joe Biden and all the Democrats who are out there, they want these stupid votes so that they can say, look, we’re being reasonable. We offered this bill and they refused to do it. It isn’t half a loaf is better than no loaf because when you keep trying to put a bandaid on a gaping flowing blood wound, you’re not doing any good and when you pretend you’re doing some good by doing that, you’re really only making the situation worse. You need to get to surgery, and you need to get this thing taken care of.”

Barkdoll said, “As I recall, this package would shut down the border once there have been 4,000 encounters a day at the southern border. You think about that, that’s still 120,000 people a month that presumably would still be allowed to come in. That is an incredibly high number, but it just shows you where we are. We go back to December, it was over 300,000 and you have people in Washington that will now look at 120,000 as a victory. I mean, I don’t know where they’re coming from with that. Trump is way ahead of Biden on the issue of immigration in every poll that’s out there and most Americans, even Democrats, now agree that not only is the border a problem, but there needs to be a tighter shutdown or control. You can’t have this many people coming through month after month.”

Ryan said, “Joe Biden wants more of this or whatever they put in Joe Biden’s place. I saw somewhere in the news cycle that the best thing that Joe can do here is leave the race. Now, I heard somebody say that Josh Shapiro might be an interesting solution here. Josh Shapiro has done zilch. He’s a couple of hours into a governorship here. The last guy whose name should be floated right now is Pennsylvania’s Josh Shapiro for the replacement of a clearly senile and a fossil who has done this country well in Obama’s third term.” 

Barkdoll confirmed, “Shapiro’s name does still get floated out there among a lot of these groups looking for an alternate candidate for the Democrats, along with Gavin Newsom, and a few others. I’ve developed a theory by the way, we were talking about those debates that Trump and Biden have agreed to and you think, why in the world, did Biden throw out a debate date in June? This will be the earliest presidential debate in history. I’m starting to wonder, it gives both of them time to clean up any big faux pas, but think about this. The debate happens in June. The Democrats still have two more months until their convention in Chicago in August. Could this be strategic? If he has a poor performance that allows plenty of time for him to exit the stage in August and for the Democrats to nominate someone else. Again, the irony of all this is, if you believe the polls, the Democrats can nominate virtually any other candidate in the country, and they would run away with this race and I would think that kind of pressure would be on Biden, but thus far he shows no signs of wanting to get out.”

Jansen said, “It is so funny about Shapiro because he’s not going to change anything he’s going to go along to get along, because he sees that as his ticket. He’s not going to put any change into the power structure. But isn’t it ironic when he was in Montgomery County, he actually balanced the budget there. He actually did the right thing for that county, but he can’t seem to do it moving forward and he’s just going to keep going along with what they’ve been doing.”

Barkdoll said, “I find it interesting, some of his recent interviews in a very careful way he’ll criticize Biden. That recent Sunday interview, Shapiro talked about not supporting the ban that Biden has proposed on these natural gas permits. There have been some issues like that, but then in the same breath, he’ll say he’s endorsing Biden. I think he’s trying to be very careful. Look, who knows? As crazy as all this may sound to some listeners, if Biden would agree at the convention to not run, I mean, it’s going to be an open game. Pennsylvania is a very key battleground state. You could imagine some of the delegates coming up with the idea, let’s get a governor from one of these battleground states to maybe win that state. So as far-fetched as it sounds, I wouldn’t totally rule it out.”

Ryan asked, “How do you not connect the dots here saying I mean on a local, state or federal level, any Democrat running is a Joe Biden Democrat? I mean, even if they replace him, the war will remain on the individual taxpayer in the community here, energy, food, gas, illegals, drugs. That will be the charge of the Republicans going okay, you’re going to replace him? All he is is another placeholder, another short bookmark for what Joe Biden has already done to this country. It’s not like Joe Biden or any of them are saying, you know what? There’s 10, 20 illegal aliens here. We better box these folks up and send them back to where they came from.”

Barkdoll suggested, “I think the Democrats would be smart if this scenario came to fruition, find someone that’s not just blindly endorsing all of Biden’s policies. They need somebody younger. They need someone that has tougher positions on immigration and inflation, and we could go through the whole list. But it is ironic, isn’t it? These national officials, they all just kind of blindly follow the person at the top of the ticket and a lot of times they’ll say, well, it’s in our party bylaws, we’re not allowed to criticize or not endorse our nominee and I think that’s part of the problem with our system. It’s really creating issues cycle after cycle, particularly with presidential elections.” 

“Exactly,” Ryan agreed, “One block away from where we are, the Franklin County Democratic Committee has right on their front window, Biden/Harris. Harris’s name isn’t even being floated as the next in the line here for Joe Biden should he walk away from it. They blah, blah, blah when it comes to Josh Shapiro because he too, would be another good boy just like Bob Casey’s a good boy. That’s all we have down there a block away when you see the policies that are hurting families right in front of your very eyes from this administration, yet they don’t have the stones to say you know what? No.” 

Barkdoll said, “Harris is an interesting case too, because she is as unpopular as Biden. Again, a lot of these DC political newsletters that I read, there’s been speculation for months, that if Biden would get out, how do you entice her with something to also get out? Do you offer her a Supreme Court seat? Maybe Sotomayor would retire? The Democrats still control the Senate, they could quickly confirm Harris. Do you offer her another plum position? Maybe a Secretary of State position because I don’t see her easily leaving the stage, but maybe if there was a strategy to give her something else that would be more appetizing for her.”

Jansen said, “You just gave me a heart attack. I can’t imagine Kamala Harris as a Supreme Court justice. I mean, forget it. We’ve just lost the institution. There’s no such thing as having an intelligent Supreme Court Justice anymore apparently.” 

Ryan suggested, “Or maybe you just play the stupid word salad that she puts up every time and say you know what Kamala? How about you just go away quietly because everybody knows you’re a hammerhead.”

Barkdoll said, “She and Biden would look like kings if they came out in July and said we recognize the polls. We recognize our unpopularity. We are exiting the stage. I mean, I think the Democrats would probably sweep a new team in. I don’t know who it would be, maybe Shapiro would be in the mix. I think you’d see the polls change very quickly. I just don’t know if they’re going to do it. We’ll see what happens in this debate. That is one of my theories on why he suggested such an early date for a debate? Does it give them a couple of months before the convention to recalibrate if something goes sideways?”