Is the death of the newborn infant in McConnellsburg really a statement on the value of life? 

June 26 – When a newborn infant was found dead in the streets of McConnellsburg in early March, it’s safe to say the community was stunned. 

Now that the identities of the parents and the full story of what happened has emerged, the whole thing is even more disquieting. 

Two teenagers are in jail because of the death of the child. 

You can read the full account HERE.

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “It’s such a sad story. I mean, there’s just no other way to put it, not only because of what happened to that innocent infant, but you read the details of this yesterday, I mean, these are teenagers, basically when this happened, and it sounds like they were acting in fear. There’s some evidence that the mother was doing research to put the child up for adoption. Obviously, none of that ever happened and she gives birth to this baby at home and panics, and then this happened. So this is a very serious case. These are really serious charges. But again, I think most people listening to this, I mean, this is just a no win situation all around. I mean, these two, their lives are going to be ruined. They could be facing much of their own life now in prison because of what happened. So Fulton County DA, of course, he will prosecute this. What happens to these two from here very much remains to be seen.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM suggested, “I think it’s the sad state that we’ve thrown everybody in, the confusion. Remember when even people who supported abortion used to say safe, legal and rare? Well now you have unbelievable people, like one woman I met yesterday just happened to be in a situation where I was observing someone next to a pro-life table that was trying to just talk about life, and they were being very respectful and this person comes up and screams about abortions are beautiful. They’re wonderful. We should celebrate them. I’m thinking, you’re confusing people. Now the man was 19. I don’t really consider him quite a young teenager, but he certainly doesn’t seem to be terribly articulate or able to talk about this issue very intelligently. Maybe they think, well, what’s wrong with killing a child right after it’s born? We’re told that if I don’t want it, I don’t have to have it and we become very ambiguous about the value of life, especially in the end stages or at the early stages. I think it’s a reflection of this ridiculous ideology that we’re just being swamped with now and not being truthful with our children, with everyone about what is happening when you risk the start of a life happening, how you have to be respectful of your body and other people’s bodies and realize that there’s life changing consequences no matter what choice you make.”

Barkdoll said, “The details of this are just so sad. I mean, it sounds like she gave birth in the home, and because they’re obviously not in a clinical environment due to the way that this happened, and when they cut the umbilical cord, it sounds like there was just massive bleeding with the baby. They cannot get that bleeding to stop, which is what apparently killed this baby. But it never occurred to them to even call 911. You look at the statements in the report yesterday, she said that she just had a sort of brain fog, and was just so panicked it didn’t even occur to them to call 911, to try to do something. You just think in hindsight, all of the things that could have been done differently that would have created a different outcome here. So you really have three lives when you look at it from afar, three lives here that may be forever gone because of this.”