Is Chambersburg’s Grid Safe?

CHAMBERSBURG – NEWS TALK 1037FM recently reached out to Borough Manager Jeffrey Stonehill after cyber attacks on the Colonial Pipeline & Baltimore Police Dept made the news.

The Manager released this information:

The Borough of Chambersburg takes very seriously its responsibility to maintain a strong electric grid, natural gas distribution system, water, and sewer utilities, and it is the participant in critical infrastructure sector regulations mandated and enforceable by state and federal regulatory agencies in place for cybersecurity.

Unfortunately, over time we have experienced attempts to threaten system integrity. The threat of cyber-attacks is relatively new compared to long-known physical threats, but an attack with operational consequences could occur and cause disruptions in the provision of utilities if malicious actors are able to hack into data overlays used in some electric generation, transmission, and supervisory control and data acquisition infrastructure.

While we cannot discuss specifics, we have made efforts to protect our systems, network, and data from attack in Chambersburg and all efforts to thwart attacks have been successful.

As members of the American Public Power Association (APPA) we participate with the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), in addressing cybersecurity threats, vulnerabilities, and potential emergencies, and recognize that emergency situations must be anticipated and threats managed.

The lesson of the cyber-attack on the gasoline pipeline known as the Colonial Pipeline is that all utilities must stay vigilant and prepared.