Is asking simple questions really transphobia?

CHAMBERSBURG – With Senator Patty Murray apologizing to Dr. Rachel Levine for the questions Senator Rand Paul asked of her at a confirmation hearing yesterday, could it have made the issues with gender identity actually worse?

After the apology, headlines blared: Transphobia on full display at confirmation hearing.

Attorney Clint Barkdoll, Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen recently discussed the issue on First News.

“I did not find his questions to be out of bounds at all,” Barkdoll said. Transphobia “was really not my take-away from that exchange.” Senator Paul asked Dr. Levine her opinions on whether she felt minors were capable of making decisions about taking hormones or even surgery to change their genders.

The point of the confirmation hearings is for Senators to ask legitimate questions of the possible subject of the confirmation.

“She had a very rote response,” Barkdoll noted. “She said it was a very nuanced area of medicine and she would be glad to meet with (him) privately if (she is) confirmed, which is a non-answer answer.”

The bottom line to it all is none of it will change a single vote. Dr. Levine will likely be confirmed.

But the questioning shines a light on children and the transgender movement.

“Unfortunately, the whole trans medicine field that she referenced, it has been take over by activists,” Jansen said. “Activists have taken over all the associations and boards and groups who make the decisions on treatment and supposedly norms of treatment. This is all brand new. It’s only been around for 15 years, this new way of looking at gender dysmorphia, and it goes against decades of sound research on what is actually best to treat children who have questions about their gender.”

With the push on social media and pop culture, there’s a real effort to normalize the idea that people are gender fluid and genetics doesn’t make a different.

“This is all activism. It’s not medicine, it’s not science,” Jansen said. “And if you dare even question it, you’re labeled a hater. That’s the standard now. All Rand Paul did was question should children be able to make a decision about taking dangerous hormones or to have radical surgery to change their bodies forever? Because activists don’t care what happens to these children. All they care about is normalizing the idea that there’s no such thing as men and women and genetics.”

Did the question really deserve an apology when it was asked to someone tasked with creating a portfolio over public health matters?

“What if the nominee was a man or a woman, a heterosexual, who has not been on the record with any statements regarding this, would it still be a legitimate question?” Barkdoll wondered. “I think it’s absolutely a legitimate question.”

Ryan added that he’s not interested in someone who’s salary we pay having private meetings about questions asked at a confirmation hearing. He prefers the answer be public. “That’s the problem with government,” he said. “There’s all sorts of handshakes, wink wink, nod nod, private conversations.”

Jansen reminded listeners to keep an eye on the Equality Act, which has already passed the House. It “attempts to validate the idea that genetics don’t matter, male and female is all a construct. This is all really dangerous. Most Americans don’t agree with this.”

It means genetic boys will be able to play in female sports. It’s “radical activism that we’re seeing here.”

Listeners were encouraged to contact their Senators to not allow the Equality Act to pass.

At the end of the day, Dr. Levine will get confirmed to be the Assistant Secretary of Health for the United States of America.

“Even if some Democrats privately feel she may not be qualified, they will fear the backlash if they cast a no vote,” Barkdoll said. “That’s what our system unfortunately has become at this point.”