Is a certain part of the electorate asleep at the wheel?

August 23 – With a number of local elections coming up this fall and the big one next November, there are some people who are wondering how we can get the people who normally don’t vote off of their couches? 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM asked, specifically of the Republicans, “Where’s our game? And where is it on a state level? Where’s that on a federal level?”

The Franklin County Republican Committee met this week, where the group barely had a quorum. 

Vice Chair of the Committee, John Flannery said on Tuesday, “To get people off their duffs and get them out there to these meetings and organize is a lot more difficult than it should have been.”

Ryan wondered, “So where is the sleepy electorate? I mean, we preach it all the time here. Do you want another four years? It’s knocking on the door here. What more do you need to get involved? What’s magic?”

State Senator Doug Mastriano said, “You guys here challenged me as I was complaining about the situation as a retired colonel and so I’m doing something about it, but the rest of us, we have a movement. We have the largest movement since 1962 for conservatives called the Walk As Free People movement. We’re keeping it alive.” 

Ryan said, “They’re awake. You guys are awake. You’ve got a group around you. So what we need to do is take that energy and inject that apparently into Franklin County.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “Why can’t we coalesce the county and the state? There’s problems at the state with the Republicans. We’ve got to get our act together. The mail-in voting is not going away. If we can’t coordinate and figure out how to, let’s just put it out there as honestly as we can, legally harvest votes because that’s what the Democrats are doing to ensure their wins. We’ve got to use that system as it stands right now until hopefully we can get sanity back in our election process. But why can’t we coalesce in Pennsylvania?”

Mastriano said, “I don’t know what the problem is, but we’re going to start where we are. So on the 21st of October, we’re going to have a big event, an all day event to educate, motivate and keep people excited about getting involved. We’re going to reach out to people who aren’t involved. There are pockets of hope where we have people motivated. We need to keep them engaged and grow the movement. Here’s one thing that happened. My movement is massive. It’s the largest we’ve seen, as I said since 1962 in Pennsylvania, biggest turnout since ‘62. Magnificent. So we have an opportunity to turn that into something real and we saw that happen in Franklin County this past spring when we ousted a career politician from the commissioner’s seat. What we do next is to grow that movement. Many of my people after the defeat last year, stepped away from politics. For the past 10 months or so they haven’t been engaged. I get it and a lot of these folks work their tails off, never been involved before, worked their butts off like never before. I’m calling everyone now. On 21 October you had 11 months off by then. It’s time to get back in the saddle.”

Ryan added, “I’ll call on them even earlier than that. Franklin County needs you. There are a couple of words that are in question here. There’s street level politics on top of the things that you’re facing out there.”