Inquiries on how to diversify information you are considering

CHAMBERSBURG: Open letter penned by Michele Jansen.

To the Exploratory Committee designated to research and advise Chambersburg Borough Council on the proposed addition of new LGBTQ+ nondiscrimination ordinance and  Human Relations Commission, 

How would / what is the best way to get this group information from community stakeholders who have alternate concerns and/or may be significantly impacted by the proposed new ordinance and local Human Relations Commission to “investigate, adjudicate and enforce” such an ordinance?

Also how can experts be brought in to help educate the group? What are the steps necessary to accomplish this?

Time is needed to arrange such things and I hope you would consider adding extra meetings if necessary to accommodate such experts and more complete information on this very complicated issue. I’m sure you will do everything necessary to make sure all constituents’ concerns will be considered, analyzed and addressed before you make recommendations to the council to vote on such a weighty and impactful change in our laws, that may incur many expenses for the borough and community businesses, churches and individuals, and that has the potential of causing greater divisions in our community instead of the desired greater harmony proponents say the change will make. 

A demonstration of the obvious subjectiveness of such investigations, adjudications and enforcement by a local body such as the proposed local Human Relations Commission, could not be more clear than the borough council’s handling of a parallel complaint in the area of “non discrimination” policy violation of one of the borough council members, this past several weeks. This only highlighted why the concerns about this proposed change are justified.

I took the liberty of cc ing the entire council outside this group and the mayor on this request just as an FYI of the types of inquiries the group is receiving, and am posting this inquiry in an open letter on NewsTalk1037FM’s Tri-state Alert news page and FB page. I’m sharing it with our community so that the broader public can gain some idea of how their concerns may be addressed as I remain very concerned you have not brought this issue or ad-hoc committee’s work to the full attention of our community. I would be happy to follow up similarly with your action on this request so the full community can be assured that the well being of all is being considered.