In terms of equity and diversity, the constitution will ALWAYS have the final say

CHAMBERSBURG – The News Talk 103.7FM weekend show, Political Vibe, spoke with Simon Campbell, a self-defined transparency activist in Pennsylvania about the first amendment, Critical Race Theory and the progressive left agenda.

Campbell is originally from the US, but is a naturalized citizen.

He currently lives in Bucks County where he has previously served on the Pennsbury School Board for a number of years.

He discovered that there is a group of parents in the Pennsburg district that are concerned about Critical Race Theory and they’ve been talking about it at school board meetings, where they have been shouted at by the solicitor, talked down to, told their not allowed to speak.

Recently, when they spoke in opposition to what the students are being taught in terms of Critical Race Theory, they had their comments cut from the video tape that the school district posted on the district website.

“This is the government intimidating people,” Campbell said. “This is not okay.”

Campbell attended a meeting just a few days ago and got into a rather feisty exchange with some of the school board members and the video went viral.  

Campbell is well-versed in the law and the rights of individuals.

The Pennsbury School Board has a policy that basically says you have to be nice when you’re speaking during public comment.  

But the thing is, no law can supersede the highest law in the land, which is the constitution.

“That policy literally isn’t worth paper it’s printed on,” Campbell said. “Because the constitution case law says the opposite. You can be very rude to the government. Caustic is one of the words the Supreme Court used.”

It’s important to remember, the same holds true for ANY governmental agency, from school boards to borough councils to township supervisors.

America is actually a Constitutional Republic, not a Democracy.

Campbell said, “Folks need to understand, they answer to us, not the other way around.”

In terms of the diversity and equity progressive movement, it’s important to remember that in America, everyone is allowed to identify however they want to identify, speak however they want to speak and live in peace and harmony and not impose their view of whatever onto someone that disagrees.

The troubling thing with this is when someone does try to impose their view on another person, it seems like suppression rears its ugly head – because disagreements actually aren’t welcome.  

And the subliminal message seems to be if you don’t think the way we do, you’re a racist, you’re sinister, you’re evil.

That’s the real problem.

“Bullies, which is what these people are, these radical left people, bullies understand one thing only,” Campbell said. “You don’t go to a bully and say, ‘oh, please don’t say that about me, I’m a really nice person.’ My attitude is if you want to try to bully and intimidate me…you’re going to hear from me. Real loud.”

Campbell addresses everything from school boards to Critical Race Theory to the Chambersburg Borough Council’s reprimand of a council member during the Political Vibe interview.

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