In order to win back the US House of Representatives, Democrats are again looking to abortion

May 30 – A PAC is putting up $100 million of a Reproductive Freedom Accountability Fund in order to focus campaigns to get the US House of Representatives back in a Democrat majority. 

The PAC released a memo yesterday where leadership outlined plans to motivate voter turnout in certain swing states, as well as areas with competitive Senate races. 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “This should make everyone on both sides of this issue sick to their stomach. As an Independent here, it is absolutely your time, whether it’s abortion or the southern border or energy or inflation or crime or education or housing costs or food costs, all worse and now it’s $100 million dollars PAC money.”

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “They’re going to target House seats, Republican House seats that they believe could flip to Democrats. They see abortion as the number one issue that could motivate voter turnout. There’s also abortion referendums on a number of state ballots in November including Arizona and Florida and Nevada and Maryland. They believe spending this kind of money might further leverage some of those seats to flip, but that’s a huge amount of money to spend and it’s fair game but at some point, does this get to a point that they’re overplaying their hand? Those ads are going to start to roll out here very shortly if you’re in one of those districts.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM asked, “Do you see that we’re having the same problem here as we did with the Trump jury? Everything’s going by feelings these days and I think the big miscalculation by Republicans, especially conservative Republicans, who are pro-life, is how normalized abortion has become in our society. One out of every four women I think they say has had an abortion, so that’s somebody who’s carrying around a lot of feelings about something very difficult and I don’t care where you fall in the abortion stand. It’s a difficult decision and it’s very emotional and 60 some percent of women who’ve had one say they regret it later. So you are fighting with a lot of people with guilt, regret, and feelings and then you’re ginning this up with fear. People are going to vote their feelings on this, sadly, just like the jury is going to vote their feelings on Trump and I’m worried because if that’s what we’re going to judge everything by, even who we vote for, it’s not a good way to run society or a country.”