Illegal immigration can have very real and tragic effects on our country

February 29 – After Lancaster City Council agreed to be a sanctuary welcoming city for illegal immigrants, some people are wondering what could happen in our neck of the woods. 

This is all on the heels of a nursing student being murdered in Georgia by an illegal immigrant who apparently hopped around from sanctuary city to sanctuary city. 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “Here we have debris off of the border, Joe Biden’s southern border now a nursing student dead and a guy who has been popped around sanctuary status here.” 

PA Representative Rob Kauffman noted, “This isn’t just a one-time thing. We’re seeing these stories all over the country now. Just a couple of weeks ago out in southeastern Pennsylvania, an illegal alien, I believe he was a drunk driver killed a few folks. It’s everywhere.”

Ryan said, “I don’t hear liberals. I see signs. Okay, we’ve got the stones to put signs up on our windows. We can put them on our front lawns and lecture everybody else about that. But that’s where our commitment ends. Or we’re going to mouth off and tell everybody how to live their life when we’re living out in liberal land, double degreed, angry housewives who can’t wait to poison everybody else’s mind on this, but now I’ve got to sit and take it. Now we’ve got a dead child and Joe Biden’s border. This is what you voted for. This is the guy you wanted in office and this is the result of it.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM said, “The level of crime that immigrants commit has nothing to do with whether or not the border policies are responsible for any of these crimes going on. It doesn’t matter whether the level of crime is the same. Those people shouldn’t be here to commit the crime in the first place.” 

Kauffman added, “Every crime, every murder, every rape, every death from an illegal alien in our country is absolutely unnecessary because they shouldn’t be here. I’ve had keyboard warriors comment, well, what would you say if they died from somebody who drove drunk who’s a citizen? Well I mean, it’s still horrible. But the reality is the death from the crime of an illegal should have never happened because they should not be in the country and our citizens wouldn’t be victimized by them.”

Ryan said, “It wasn’t perfect. It was certainly far better under the Trump administration and why do you think my Democrat little friend out there listening, why do you think Joe Biden is going to the southern border all of a sudden again, here? It’s election year, and he’s going to he’s going to use whatever soundbite the media will carry for him to show oh, look, I’m doing something. Oh, look, it’s the Republicans’ fault. Such an old fool of a liar and he wants more time in which to continue to do in this country. Kiss my you know what.”

Kauffman said, “The reality of if anyone saw or heard the Athens mayor attempt to, whatever that was he did, justify what is happening in that city, it’s amazing that in the same week, we have a city in Pennsylvania, Lancaster City who passes almost identical sanctuary city ordinance. So okay, what happened in Athens, we want to bring that to Lancaster?”

Ryan added, “How far away from Chambersburg? How far away from our neck of the woods? Because what you’re doing there, we could see that running through our countryside here.” 

Kauffman said, “That’s in the middle of the heartland. When you’re passing that kind of thing in Lancaster County, that’s the Amish country in Pennsylvania. It’s scary stuff.”

The mayor of Athens, GA, Kelly Girtz, said, “Because the impact of federal immigration policy on localities has been under such consistent discussion in recent months, we want to say a few words about this. This is my 18th year as a local government policy maker and my work has overlapped with four us presidents and numerous iterations of Congress. All of them have failed to reach agreement on how to handle immigration.”

Jansen said, “That has nothing to do with whether we can take reasonable stands at the border to keep people from just flooding over.” 

Kauffman said, “When a Democrat says that it’s Congress’s fault, they’ve never reached an agreement. What they’re saying is, we’ve never gotten a Congress in the last four administrations to agree on amnesty. Let’s get real. That’s exactly that’s the only thing.”

Ryan agreed, “Rubber stamp the whole thing up. So we got 7 million new voters out here. Let’s go.” 

Jansen said, “Republicans have often over multiple administrations all the way back to Reagan said let’s secure the border, let’s secure the border and Democrats kept saying we won’t let you do that unless you give amnesty to the people who are already here. Which Reagan tried to do on good faith one time, we’ll give the 11 million that are here, we won’t go after them. But let’s secure the border and did they live up to the agreement to secure the border? No, they didn’t. They lied and that’s just been the continual argument over and over and over and over again. If you would just do a clean security at the border bill, Congress could pass it.”

Ryan said, “Then I’ve got the federal government suing Texas because you put barrels in with razor wire around it and the federal government doesn’t like that. Let’s bring more people in. Let’s stress out the system. Let’s pay $53 million to illegal immigrants in New York City. Let’s pay $250 million to illegal immigrants in Chicago. Let’s just hand out free food and free diapers and free heat and free this. It’s not free. It’s as free as canceling the debt is with student loans. You are being lied to. You’re being ripped off by your elected officials and the people that we put into place here and yet we’re doing nothing about it. I can only bitch and scream and moan about it so many times here before nobody wants to hear it anymore.” 

Kauffman insisted, “The only reason that Biden is going to the border finally is because it has become the number one issue in polling. It is the number one issue for voters in 2024. So they are starting to recognize they’ve got to try to subvert the blame, pass it to someone else. I don’t know if it can be successful at this point.”

Ryan said, “I really hope not because I got a dipwad of a mayor in Athens, Georgia.”

Mayor Girtz said, “2019 was not that long ago. I remember the dynamic we were living in.”

Ryan said, “I remember the dynamic we were living in with lower gas prices and a secure border. Certainly better than it is now.”

Girtz continued, “In this country where you had the President of the United States speaking in the most vile terms about people who were foreign born and you had that notion metastasizing in places like Charlottesville. I caution against conflating immigration and crime.”

Jansen pointed out, “Now we have a president that talks about Americans in the most vile terms when he keeps screaming about MAGA Americans, MAGA people, when he knows that he’s tying that term to ideas of Nazism. We now have an American president speaking in the most vile terms about American citizens. I don’t hear the mayor getting upset about that.”

Kauffman said, “We have so much law enforcement in America, look at the FBI, seemingly going after Americans. I think they can be retooled and reused to actually deal with the true crisis that Americans are facing.”

Jansen said, “And the inflation of the stupidity that we have white males being the biggest threat. Barbara Walter is her name. She’s an expert on civil wars in other countries. She says that’s the biggest threat for civil war in this country. Really, Barbara? Where are all the white males tearing down cities and doing violence? Charlottesville, Charlottesville, Charlottesville, one instance of a bunch of morons who came out with torches they got from Target and there was one guy with schizophrenia or bipolar disorder who accelerated his car and unfortunately a woman was killed and that is horrendous, but that was one mentally unstable person who committed a violent act with a bunch of morons with torches. We haven’t seen a repeat of that anywhere. Yet we have Antifa burning down, doing violence over and over and over, intimidation on campuses. It just happened on Berkeley campus where Jews were spit on and intimidated. Jewish kids on campuses right now are hiding their identity. We don’t hear the FBI talking about that for some reason. We hear about traditional Catholics or we hear about the parents at school board meetings. We hear about putting razor wire up all over the White House because they’re so afraid to have a repeat of January 6. There’s been no repeat of January 6, there’s been no gathering of intimidating white males who feel displaced. But yet this is the nonsense we’re dealing with, this is the idiotic argument we are dealing with in this country instead of being real about what’s going on and where real threats are.”