If you received unemployment in 2023, expect your tax info to be mailed very soon

02 February 2024- Department of Labor & Industry (L&I) Secretary Nancy A. Walker is reminding Pennsylvanians who were paid Unemployment Compensation (UC) benefits in 2023 to monitor their mailboxes and online UC dashboards for the 1099-G form they’ll need in order to file a tax return this year. L&I completed all 1099-G form mailings to UC claimants in January.

The Department has an extensive FAQ about 1099-G forms on its website to help claimants and other individuals with questions. Claimants who suspect their 1099-G form includes an error should contact the Department to request a corrected form. 

Secretary Walker also renewed the Department’s commitment to timely updates about the UC system, including monthly data related to customer-service metrics, claim volumes and other important data. The updates will also include information from L&I’s Rapid Response team, which provides strategic planning services to support employers facing an economic transition or hardship. Rapid Response also helps workers who have been recently laid off find employment in their communities as soon as possible.

“Transparency in government is essential for trust, especially when it comes to safety-net programs like Unemployment Compensation and Rapid Response that Pennsylvanians depend on during times of hardship,” Secretary Walker said. “As we’ve done for the past year, the Shapiro Administration will continue to strengthen the UC system so that it’s there for Pennsylvania workers if and when they need it. Likewise, we’re committed to keeping the public informed about what we’re doing to accomplish that goal.”


Thanks to a bipartisan budget investment that allowed more workers and resources to be dedicated to the UC system, L&I in 2024 will continue to improve customer service and make progress toward shorter timelines for the determination of new claims. 

In December 2023, L&I received 63,814 claims and distributed UC benefits totaling $160,195,667 to 102,093 eligible claimants.

In December, L&I served:

  • 92,167 individuals through the UC helpline at 888-313-7284;
  • 6,413 individuals through the UC Live Chat service;
  • 15,235 individuals through email. 

Since May 2023, UC staff have been answering most emails within 24 hours. 

Through the Department’s UC Connect program offering in-person customer service at Pennsylvania CareerLink® locations, L&I served 3,080 individuals in December for a total of 64,346 since the program’s launch in May 2022. 

L&I reminds UC claimants of their responsibility to file weekly benefit certifications online or by using the Department’s touch tone telephone service, called PAT, at 888-255-4728 (en Español 877-888-8104).

Received a 1099-G but Never Filed for Benefits?

Because 1099-G forms are automatically generated for all claimants who received Unemployment Compensation payments, the receipt of a 1099-G form by a person who didn’t file for benefits may indicate a case of identity theft.  

If you suspect you are the victim of identity theft involving UC fraud, please report it to L&I. You can report suspected fraud online or call the PA Fraud Hotline at 1-800-692-7469.