If the heat is too much for you, head to the cooling stations in Franklin County 

July 9 – With the heat advisory continuing for the next few days, it’s important to make sure you stay cool. 

Franklin County is looking to help with that by having cooling stations around the area. 

Franklin County Commissioner John Flannery said, “We do have those throughout the county. There are places people can go. We try to get the word out the best we can. It’s tough for some residents out there, especially I know we’ve dealt with, we’ve talked about the homeless population here in Franklin County previously. We try to do what we can. Some of those individuals choose to be where they’re at. You can’t force people to do certain things, but we try. We make an effort to alleviate some of the pain they have to go through, as much as we possibly can. So anyone can contact the county here, call in to the commissioner’s office, and they’ll direct you in the right way, to make sure that there are shelter and cooling stations for you out there to take advantage of.” 

To find out how you can get help, call 717-261-3812 or 717-261-3810. 

For more information on the cooling stations, click here:  https://tristatealert.com/cooling-centers-and-extended-hours-announced-for-franklin-county-senior-centers/