If the federal government won’t fix the border, maybe it really is up to the states

February 7 — Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano has asked Governor Josh Shapiro to send National Guard troops to Texas to help with the border crisis where hundreds of thousands of people are illegally entering the country. 

Mastriano is the chair of Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness. 

He said, “We’re dealing a lot with the mess that Josh Shapiro and US Democrats policies by Joe Biden have unleashed upon us and why do I tie Shapiro in on that, obviously, he doesn’t have control of the border, but these policies that are within Pennsylvania, have enabled about 260,000 illegals that we know of are receiving government support. So taxpayer money is housing them. Taxpayer money is giving them medical benefits, taxpayer money is giving them a check to live off of, meanwhile, the taxpayers themselves are struggling. We have at least 10,000 homeless on our streets, including 1,000 veterans, so people who have defended and fought for this country are abandoned. We have thousands of kids in foster care needing relief and help. We have elderly who can’t keep their homes because of the property tax. Yet despite all these real problems by our own citizens that were responsible first, Josh Shapiro and Joe Biden think that the illegals should be given priority and all the benefits that our own people should have. So I’m sick of it. We are a border state. We have about 5,000 fentanyl deaths a year and most of those drugs are coming over the border. So we have an existential threat and crisis in our state and nation. Yet Josh Shapiro wants to run off and do these stupid schemes and gimmicks instead of helping the people that need it the most.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “The border issue should not be an issue that divides us by party. The governor, he’s got to know that Pennsylvanians are being hurt by all the things you just mentioned and yet we have it right down the line. Only Republican governors are supporting what Texas is doing. No Democrat governors are supporting it. It’s like we always have to play Team Red, Team Blue on all issues all the time. But the governor is not just the governor of Democrats in this state. He’s governor of all of us in this state. Was there any give at all from his administration over what’s going on in terms of okay, maybe we don’t agree with the way they’re doing it, but we understand why. Do we hear anything out of them like that?”

Mastrianon confirmed, “It’s sadly crickets. When I put the press release out there, there was nothing. None of the media are serious enough to ask the questions about it. Obviously he’s already running for another office. This has been his pattern in politics for 20-some years, a career politician always swinging for the next tree. Could you imagine if Josh Shapiro came out and gave a speech saying, although I love the Biden administration, I’m sure he does, we do have a problem with the border and he steps out of line from this Democrat, Blue team thing and says we’re going to send our Guard down. We have the second largest Guard in the nation, the best of the nation and we’re going to do our part to defend our border, to protect our people back home in Pennsylvania. That would be incredible. That would set him apart than being just another politician or hack. That would really upset the applecart in a lot of ways, but it would be the right thing. This should not be R and D.. This should be for all Americans, our borders being flooded with illegals, with criminals, with drugs, sex trafficking, awful things happening to women and children. Could you imagine if he stood up? That would make his prospects for a 2028 victory a bit brighter, I think.” 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM agreed, “He could be a Larry Hogan, actually, if he played it right here, but he’s not going to play that right. On the border, you see all the death and destruction down there, moment to moment and yet he cannot step up and do something that’s right on behalf of the Commonwealth here.”

Mariano said, “I agree. We have so many real problems in our state and I’m just really tired of folks like him running off for another photo op. Do your job. Do some real substantive work. Whether it’s an R or D, we want results, and this is an opportunity for Josh Shapiro to step out and do something that would actually save lives. It’s just time for these folks to really think about that oath that they made to defend our republic and our Commonwealth.”

Ryan said, “The reason I sourced Larry Hogan here is Hogan had an opportunity, he’s in a blue state, he’s a red governor. He managed to do some things and move things forward. I’m thinking that Shapiro sees what happened to Mayor Adams in New York City. He doesn’t want to take the chance of upsetting the regime in Washington, so he’s being a good boy here.”