If Republicans don’t embrace mail-in voting, could some elections be at risk? 

March 28 – Mail-in voting actually has a longer history than just the recent pandemic would have us believe. 

Originally called absentee ballots, voting by mail even happened during the 17th century if people felt they couldn’t make it to the polls because of a potential Indian attack. 

That’s a true story. 

A number of people opted for absentee ballots over the years for a number of different reasons.

But mail-in voting has become somewhat of a political hot topic in the last few years since COVID where record numbers of mail-in ballots were cast and brought with it a wide variety of issues. 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “Dave McCormick yesterday in a weekly conference call he does with other candidates and Republican strategists, he goes on the record saying that he is worried that Republicans are not doing effective messaging when it comes to mail-in voting. Politico is reporting that on this call he’s concerned that at the top of the ticket Donald Trump keeps discouraging Republicans from voting by mail. Last week and on Laura Ingram, Trump said mail-in voting is susceptible to fraud. At a Town Hall a few weeks ago, he discouraged people from voting by mail. McCormick said he is worried in Pennsylvania, that if the Republicans don’t do better messaging on that it could be the margin in losing the election. We know that these PACs are going to spend over $10 million trying to do some messaging on that.”

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “The guy has got some stones. This from a guy who has no messaging at all and you’re bitching about mail-in? You’ve got to be kidding me. Who is this guy?”

Barkdoll agreed, “This race he is running, he started some TV ads this week, but I’ve never seen such a low profile race at this stage in a high profile US Senate campaign. I don’t know what the path is here. The polls, of course, keep showing Casey gaining ground on McCormick.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM noted, “We have to use the mail in voting. Harvesting is going to win or lose this game and by harvesting I don’t mean the illegal harvesting and the problem is Republicans are at least conservatives I know are very reluctant to go out and find somebody who doesn’t know what the heck they’re doing and say, oh, here, let me guide you on how to vote. Unfortunately, Democrats, and I’m not saying all Democrats, but there are those win-at-any-cost folks that will go out and harvest from whoever they can harvest from, hopefully legally. It depends how you do it, whether it’s legal or illegal in some states. I have to agree with that sentiment. If we don’t figure out how to use this mail-in voting, it doesn’t matter how many people you get out on election day, I’m afraid because we’ll never get what we should get out on election day, you’re going to lose.”

Barkdoll confirmed, “He’s right about it and we can look at the last few years, just election after election, this mail-in vote has been a real soft spot for Republicans. Now again, maybe this messaging this year, they’re going to turn that around, but it’s a problem.”

Ryan added, “So we’ll get through the primary. Then after the primaries are done and we’ve got all the players, then we just beat the daylights out of it. Do it now. Get it over with and join the opposition in mail-in voting. Maybe we just take it on ourselves here at the very least.”