If a roof leak really is to blame for the PA House going into recess, aren’t there other venues that could do the job? 

December 7 – After yesterday’s reporting that the Pennsylvania House of Representatives will take a three month recess, the reasons that came out were a roof leak in the building. 

That’s allegedly why the Chamber won’t be able to meet again until mid-March.

But there are some people who are wondering if there may be other venues in Harrisburg in which the legislators could conduct business. 

And others are questioning whether a roof leak is the real reason. 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll pointed out, “I’d like to send a letter to Speaker McClinton and remind her there are other venues in Harrisburg that the House could meet. The Harrisburg Forum, the Whitaker Center. There are other places that could accommodate members of the House to meet that you don’t have to take off for over three months, but the roof leak seems to be the excuse that Democratic leadership is now using to justify this prolonged recess.”

PA Representative Rob Kauffman said, “It has been known in Harrisburg for the last several months that after we conclude our final session days for the year that there would be resignations, and those resignations on the Democrat side would make it, just it as it has several times this year, that the Democrats no longer have a majority. So we’ve known all along that we would not be in session for a certain period of time while they try to work on their vacancies and fill their vacancies. So I understand that the Speaker had a meeting, a call with her colleagues on the Democrat side and knowing that they had one vacancy coming, Representative Galloway out of Bucks County who will be taking his seat as a magisterial district justice that she said on that call slash meeting that if anyone else is thinking of resigning, now is the time. That was told to me by a Democrat member and that Democrat member also pointed out the concept of the roof leak and no one in the Capitol believes that a roof leak is the reason we are not in session for the next two and a half to three months. It is simply for the consumption of the press there. I don’t know maybe there is some kind of roof leak but none of us knew about it and it could have been taken care of over the last few pregnant pauses of session that we’ve had because of their lack of planning. This is a total farce. There have been times when the legislature could not meet in the Capitol. What did they do? They went down State Street. There are several churches that would hold the capacity of the legislature in the church. Yes, the Forum is a fine place. There are also other places in the Capitol in which we could realistically meet. It would be tight, but we could do it. It is an absolute joke.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM noted, “I want to give some credit, there’s some actual journalism going on around this. I saw ABC 27, they asked to take a camera to see the damaged area and they were told it wouldn’t be possible.”

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM insisted, “That is my building. That is my tax dollars that paid for that building for you guys to walk around in here. It’s quite interesting. Now let me get this straight. As a small business owner, if there’s a roof leak, we don’t stop working. We work through it. Put some bags up on the ceiling. We’ve got a job to do. Of all of the people and of all things that are rolling in Harrisburg to try to run shade like that and for business owners out there going we’d never shut down for three months. A couple of hours to get it done. And let’s get back to work.”

Kauffman added, “Just another note on the schedule that was sent out, there’s the governor’s budget address that is done annually in February. Well that requires all the legislature to be present. He meets in the hall of the House. Well, they’re actually having that in the Rotunda in the beginning of February. So if that area is big enough to house us for the governor’s budget address, I would think we could also hold a session if necessary. Now, I do want to note that with this Democrat majority, us not being in session may not be a bad thing.”

Jansen said, “It’s like teenagers trying to come up with a quick ‘what do we tell Mom and Dad’? And it’s a pathetic one that Mom and Dad can see right through.”