HUGE January for Hagerstown PD- 6,296 calls, 145 arrests

01 February 2023- The Hagerstown Police Department announce a wrap up of their work in January of 2023. In that timeframe, the department announces they made 145 arrests, served 285 warrants, and wrote 592 incident reports. All totaled, that adds up to 6,296 calls for service from officers. List of notable arrests, confiscations, and pictures from the department are below.

CDS: Controlled Dangerous Substance

PID: Possession with the Intent to Deliver

CDS PID, 332 S Mont Valla – Jerome Douglas charged with 2.5 oz crack, $499 seized

CDS PID, Jonathan and Church – Shazcarl Henderson 7/12/01 arrested with 19 “trash cans**” and $92 seized.

CDS PID, 14 N Potomac St – Tavis Duvall 2/15/98 arrested for PID fentanyl (20+ pills). $772 seized

CDS PID, 500 blk Dual Hwy – Krystopher Lomax 7/21/83 arrested for fentanyl PID, replica handgun pellet gun. 18g fentanyl, 3g crack

CDS distribution. Edgar Mitchell 10/17/95 arrested for – $992 seized

CDS, 316 E Wash St Sheetz- Brady Quinn 8/9/95 arrested with 10g meth, 2g fentanyl, 2g crack, $241 seized

CDS, 400 blk Jonathan St- James Casper 4/18/88 charged for crack cocaine possession.

CDS, Michael Anthony Gordon 11/5/2000 charged for distribution. $508 seized

CDS, 225 Jonathan St- Jordan Slater 11/3/94 arrested for crack cocaine possession, 1g crack

Recovered stolen vehicle, 565 Dual Hwy- BMW from NJ recovered

Warrant, 700 Potomac Ave – James Malone 12/24/80 arrested on felony handgun assault warrants

Warrant, 37 N Mulberry St- James McCullough 9/17/64 arrested for 1st degree burglary bond revocation

Handgun, Pennsylvania at Penmar Ave- Christopher Gill 12/25/97 arrested for handgun in vehicle

Handgun, Mulberry / E Baltimore- Takoda Richards 4/6/98

Handgun, Mulberry/Franklin- Joseph Branch 4/2/81

Handgun, 151 N Burhans Blvd- Gerard Boston 6/9/91

Additionally a prostitution detailed was worked in conjunction with the Washington County Health Department. Employees were able connect the women involved with health department services if needed.

Warrant, Prostitution, Church St-Ashley Sweeney, 1/30/88 arrested for FTA

Prostitution, Church St- Netayshia Benjamin 5/27/93

Solicitation, 301 N Burhans Blvd- Manley Broadwater 2/20/52

Solicitation, 152 N Burhans Blvd – Dwayne Cox 9/30/59

Solicitation, 301 N Burhans Blvd- Wayne Morrow 7/10/49

Prostitution, Assault on officer, Antietam / King St – Carissa Whateley 7/1/49

Prostitution, 301 E Wash- Jessica Kilgore 2/22/85

Prostitution, N Potomac – Christina Wellnitz 7/7/85

Solicitation, Church/Burhans- Kenneth Hendershot 8/21/73

**”Trash Cans” are small plastic containers that resemble the name. They are used to package and distribute narcotics. They often come in a variety of bright colors.