How much is the press continuing to leave out?

February 22 – With the real numbers starting to come out in nursing home deaths in New York state, questions arise as to how people didn’t know this before now.

Why does the press continue to give certain people a pass, particularly in the case of Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York?

Attorney Clint Barkdoll, Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen of the Big Talk on 103.7FM discussed the issue today, 22 February 2021.

Ryan said the press “did a real disservice to the families and people of New York by fawning over this idiot (Cuomo). If the press had just followed him and actually done some digging, we might have fewer deaths on our hands.”

Barkdoll agreed Cuomo is in big trouble. A New York Times article suggests there may be even more data that had been deliberately withheld.

“The press totally gave this guy a pass,” Barkdoll said. “They were so enamored with him, they didn’t give any scrutiny to the data he was putting out there and now we’re finding out much of it may have been phony.”

Jansen pointed out the difference between how the press went after Ted Cruz versus what they’ve done with the Cuomo story.

“Ted Cruz, yes, bad visual, I get it, he shouldn’t have gone on that trip,” Jansen said. “He wasn’t a hypocrite, number one. He wasn’t telling people not to travel. He wasn’t responsible for people dying. People may have died in the Texas thing, but it wasn’t Ted Cruz’s responsibility. All the things they accuse Trump of being, Cuomo is. But they will not cover it.”

She continued, “People wake up. Trump followers wake up. If you split the party, you’re doing what they wanted you to do, what they’ve manipulated this whole thing into. You’d be rewarding them by doing that.”

The Cruz story on average got three to four minutes of coverage on the network nightly news casts, while the Cuomo story got an average of one minute.

“It amplifies what you’re saying,” Barkdoll agreed. “They’re really not getting equal coverage.”

Ryan added that the “press is not doing their job.”

In speaking with Congressman John Joyce last week on News Talk 103.7FM, the Congressman said he knows no reason why there is still razor wire and fencing surrounding the Capitol in DC.

“Why is all this stuff happening?” Ryan asked. “I’ll tell you why it’s happening. It’s a great visual for the dopes out there that believe what they’re being fed.”

Jansen added that the stories about domestic terrorism rising on the conservative side are simply not true.

“And WITF and you other press, you are also responsible for what happened January 6 because you wouldn’t investigate and you wouldn’t look at what was happening and bring transparency to elections,” Jansen accused. “You are also to blame.”