How much do spotted lantern flies and other invasive species cost Pennsylvania? A new survey could answer that.

14 November 2022- The Governor’s Invasive Species Council is conducting the first statewide survey to measure costs of the damage inflicted by invasive species in Pennsylvania, and the costs tied to preventing and controlling them. The 15-20 minute survey, distributed earlier in November through the council’s 21 member organizations, will be open until November 18.

“Invasive plants, insects and animals eat into the bottom line for agriculture and other businesses, government agencies, and non-profits,” Redding said. “But measuring what Pennsylvanians spend collectively on preventing and controlling that damage is a huge challenge. We have heard from more than 800 organizations and individuals and hope to get a comprehensive view of how extensive the impact is on our economy and daily work lives.”

The goal of the survey is to gather comprehensive data on nonnative species, their impact on local and state government, educational institutions, private businesses, property owners, nonprofits, and others working to control invasive species and the pathogens they spread and to counter damage they cause. Data collected from the survey will help inform a strategic, regional partnership approach to managing invasive species.

The Governor’s Invasive Species Council works to identify invasive plant, insect, and animal species that threaten or may threaten Pennsylvania’s natural and agricultural resources and the industries they support. Learn more about the council, the management plans it implements and strategic recommendations, as well as other efforts to protect and grow Pennsylvania’s $132.5 billion agriculture and food industry at