How is only 6% of this huge proposed infrastructure bill actually about infrastructure?

PITTSBURGH – When President Joe Biden announced his more than $2 trillion infrastructure bill a few days ago, everyone cheered for improved roads and bridges.

But it turns out only 6% of that $2 trillion is actually going to said roads and bridges.

Additionally, with as much as people are taxed throughout the year, why do we even need an infrastructure bill? Shouldn’t the tax money that has already been earmarked to improve roads and bridges be doing that?

Attorney Clint Barkdoll & Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen talked infrastructure on First News.

Ryan pointed out, “We pay so much in taxes for everything. How we have to have an infrastructure plan in the first place should be an embarrassment to a (Lieutenant Governor John) Fetterman or a (Governor) Wolf. I’m looking at 81 and I hear, ‘Oh, 81 needs some attention.’ Yeah. It’s needed attention for decades. Are we going to take some of that 6% and dedicate it to improving 81? I bet you no.”

A whole lot of money in the infrastructure bill would go toward day care and elder care.

It would also help the unions.

“They openly said it’s going to grow your unions,” Barkdoll said. “This is going to add more union jobs and union support around the country. I’m not sure that’s a great sales pitch when they’re looking for votes and public support for this.”

It’s still not clear if the bill will even pass. Republicans are mostly against it and even some Democrats have come out and said they don’t approve.

Ryan continued, “We already get taxed for highway improvement, bridge improvement. What have you done with that money, ladies and gentlemen? We’ve trusted you to take care of our roads. You haven’t kept up with the times when it comes to the sewer systems and failing water systems. Why didn’t you do it in the first place? You keep taxing the daylights out of us and now we’ve got to give you more money for money that you should have been spending judiciously in the first place.”

“That is precisely the problem,” Barkdoll agreed.