How could it have taken Apple three years to fix an X-rated bug? 

June 6 — Apple, the multinational tech giant, apparently had a bug in their devices that allowed children to bypass parental controls so they were able to view adult material, violent content and drug-related information. 

Three years later, Apple announced the bug has been fixed. 

Wait, how on earth did it take three years to fix something like that? 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “There are a lot of parents out there going, but I thought this thing was here to help my family and my kids? Why would it take three years to get this to the finish line?”

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “Apparently a lot of parents didn’t realize that these Apple devices had these easy workarounds that kids could figure out. So even if you had parental controls on the iPad or the iPhone of your minor child, this bug still allowed the children to access X-rated materials. So it’s weird that it took this long for Apple to fix it, but the reporting is Apple has now fixed it so you can’t have those workarounds anymore. Interestingly, also within the last few days, you may have seen on Twitter now known as X, they are openly allowing X-rated materials to be posted on the platform and you’re seeing a lot of these child advocacy groups, public interest groups saying that Twitter’s really getting out of hand. They should not be openly allowing that for the same reasons were discussing because even if you have parental controls, there’s always going to be workarounds that kids are going to figure out how to access that information.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM noted, “I remember saying to fellow Moms 15 years ago when are we going to learn? You need to just take the whole internet away from young children. They do not need to be getting on the internet. The Internet’s terribly important. I get it. But it’s interesting that there’s a story about a remote Amazon tribe that got the internet just last September, they got hooked up. It figures some American women gave them the antennas that connected them via the satellite to this and the tribe is really worried because the kids are already addicted to this stuff. They’re getting lazy. They don’t want to go and do anything. They don’t want to engage with each other. They’re already playing first person shooter games, and pornography is already being accessed. You just talked about this bug about parental control. No, parental control is not a smartphone. No internet access without parental absolutely being right there to watch. My parents wouldn’t let me talk on the phone to somebody they couldn’t hear half the conversation. Now we put the whole world in the kid’s hands so that they can access it anytime, middle of the night when they’re away from you. When are we going to learn about parents? We need to get back to parenting, and even remote Amazon tribes are being ruined in a matter of months. Now they say they can’t live without the internet. It’s true, but they’re already seeing how it’s completely changed the culture of their young people.”

Barkdoll said, “That Trib story is interesting. They access the internet through Starlink. That’s another one of the Elon Musk companies that allows internet access to these remote areas and researchers are immediately pointing out that very quickly these tribal people who never even heard of the internet are getting on to things that they shouldn’t be and they’re developing habits that are just making them more lazy. So it’s a problem. Every week it seems like there is a new study specifically about teenagers and social media and the detrimental effect it has on their mental health. But yet it just doesn’t feel like from a legislative standpoint or just a parenting standpoint in general, it still doesn’t feel like the country is doing enough about it.”