How can anything really be getting done in Washington when the president always seems to be on vacation? 

January 2 – Data has shown that President Joe Biden has spent roughly 37 percent of his time in office either at the beach, at Camp David, or on some sort of vacation. 

That would be an all time record. 

It seems like almost every weekend Biden takes a four-day weekend. 

George W. Bush spent 36 percent of his time out of office. 

Donald Trump was at 26 percent, plus more than 300 rounds of golf. 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “The big takeaway here is more and more it looks like we have US presidents that are spending record amounts of time outside of the White House. The other footnote to that is we, taxpayers, that is costing us tens of millions of dollars. When you see every weekend, Thursday night, Biden flies to his beach house in Delaware until Monday, we’re paying for those flights, all of the Secret Service detail, that whole package that goes with the president when he travels. So it’s also costing the government a lot of money.”

It doesn’t look like it’s going to be slowing down any time soon. In fact, at the moment, Biden is in St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands.

Congressman John Joyce said, “I think any president should be boots on the ground and ready to work with Congress to make sure that our first priority going back, besides protecting the border, in conjunction with protecting the border, is to reduce spending. You can’t do that when you’re floating away on some island in some tropical paradise. Government funding begins to expire in the middle of January. We’ve been clear that any budget that is passed needs to include major spending cuts from the Biden administration. I don’t know what spending cuts occurred, what he was thinking about when he was applying sunscreen sitting on an island, but House Republicans have already passed a majority of the funding bills for 2024, including funding the Pentagon, as well as Homeland Security, Veterans Affairs. It’s time for the Senate to take up those bills and to work with us to address the deficit that’s been created by Biden’s reckless spending. Biden, come on back to Washington. After we visit the border, I’ll be back in Washington and I look forward to making sure with those spending cuts that a budget is passed.”

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “You see 700,000 illegal immigrants in California are going to start getting free health care. There’s nothing free about that. You see all the stories of money and we’re not getting services. You’re seeing less and less services, for more and more money and the money wasted here. At what point do people just say hey, listen, if the kids aren’t going to pay back their school loans, can I just call my employer and say you know what? Give me my whole paycheck and then maybe I’ll pay some taxes later on. You cannot continue to do this to the American people, the stress and strain that you’re putting on people without some sort of pushback going, I’m not getting the services. Why should I pay for something I’m not getting?”

Barkdoll said, “I forget who wrote last year an article about this subject and there was that great quote about ‘I wonder if this is how Rome felt before it collapsed?’ Because it just feels like nothing’s getting done. You see more and more of these disconnects. People are frustrated. Now, the answer is yes, we go vote. We try to put people in office that are going to change this, yet it seems like time after time, cycle after cycle, it doesn’t matter who’s in charge, what party it is, the beat just goes on. I don’t know what the solution is. I mean, I think these are all very legitimate, serious issues that need to be addressed at the federal state and local level yet. The problem just seems like it’s ongoing.”

Ryan noted, “Look what they did to Bud Light. You pushed us too far and we’re voting with our dollars. Is that the only way that these lawmakers in Washington would understand? The checkbook is closed. I don’t know how it would be done and frankly, I certainly doubt that there’s the appetite. If the people don’t show up to vote in the first place, it’s a dismal voting record here. You can’t expect them to actually go to their employer and say you know what? I don’t want to pay my taxes anymore. Just give me my check. That’s not going to happen.”

“No,” Barkdoll agreed. “And here we are $32 trillion in national debt. I mean, the government has to just keep feeding the monster. They can’t afford to cut off those flows. The student loan issue, that’s going to be a fascinating thing to watch. You’ve got roughly half of those borrowers refusing to make their payments. What’s the government going to do about that? They say there’s not enough resources to get their arms around an enforcement proceeding when it involves that many people yet that apparently is what’s happening on the ground in real time. So that’s going to be an interesting thing to watch and how might that translate to other people that would take similar action?”