How can a Representative who is missing from the PA House still be voting in the Chamber? 

May 9 – PA Representative Kevin Boyle has an arrest warrant out for violating a restraining order. 

The lawmaker is nowhere to be found. 

Somehow, though, miraculously, he’s still voting on the House floor. 

We can’t make this up. 

PA Representative Rob Kauffman said, “So House Democrats are still voting for him. He’s not been around. Nobody’s seen him. They pulled his House security privileges. If he came to the building, he would have to be escorted, I guess.”

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM noted, “Understand this, my Democrat friend here. If you’re lining up with Joe Biden, and you’re lining up with the Democrat Party, he’s not allowed in the building. He’s not allowed on the House floor. Yet the Democrats are voting for him on the Democrat floor. If that doesn’t tell you everything and listen, there are RINOs and there are rotten Republicans as well. But this one stinks to high heaven.”

Kauffman said, “So we have someone who’s being voted by House Democrats on the floor. Nobody knows where he is. Haven’t heard from him. But it’s turning into a problem for them. They know the optics are horrific. They know it just looks bad all across Pennsylvania.”

Ryan suggested, “It should be illegal quite frankly.”

Kauffman said, “It’s certainly something that I’ve never seen happen.”

Ryan said, “There’s only but cowards in the Democrat Party on this one. You shouldn’t be policing your own right now.” 

Kauffman said, “The reality of it is, why they’re doing it, is because they need the vote. They don’t want to work with Republicans, so they have to have every single vote on many of these bills. So yesterday, after we adjourned the session, we went to a House Rules Committee meeting. One of the functions is you can change the House rules. Well, there is a process in the Pennsylvania constitution to remove a member from office, but it’s legitimately supposed to be a very intense process because you’re undoing an election.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “You’re taking away the people, who they voted for, so that should be a high bar.” 

“Exactly,” Kauffman agreed. “But they are changing the House rules to create their own process to remove a member. It can be done by a simple majority vote of their members. They can determine who needs to go. It’s very nondescript on what makes a member qualify for this. It’s very concerning. They would have subpoena power over the member’s medical records. I mean, how many times have you heard someone say I can’t see that. It’s HIPAA. Well, guess what? The House Democrats will just supersede HIPAA. We’re going to subpoena your medical records.”

The rules committee is made up of both House Democrats and Republicans, but the Democrats have the majority. 

Kauffman said, “So they passed this new rule out which would create this, really insurrection committee.” 

Jansen said, “It’s a committee of five people, but three will be in the majority. So they know right now that means they can decide easily about how to control this. They basically want to do it so that after they use his vote in a very inappropriate way, they can just easily get rid of him after the session and then have a special election or summer and again, have their majority vote.” 

Kauffman said, “What we perceive is probably the case. They want to go through the budget session, use his vote all the way through, and then just at the end before we leave for the summer, they will determine that he is incapacitated and not able to serve any longer. Instead of using the constitutional process to remove a member, they need this ever so easy process that they can do at the tail end that they’re going to remove a member. Then they will probably, who knows? Call for a special election over the summer and then they will have a new member that they prefer seated come the fall so that they can continue their fall session. This is what we suspect because we can’t know what’s in their mind, but this would be the logical conclusion that they can’t deal with the Constitution. They can’t deal with the choice of the people, these folks who scream democracy around every corner, under every hole, well, guess what? They can’t stand democracy. They can’t stand the Constitution and they can’t stand the process of the people selecting their representatives. The House Democrat leadership needs to do it for them.”