Hitting the skies or the roadways? Know how to schedule your vacations right for the cheapest rates

08 January 2024- Just because the calendar says January doesn’t mean its too late for vacation planning. Cheap travel expert Madison Rolley says if you want to save on that vacation this year, plan your trip between mid-October through mid-March. 

She explains, “Low season or slow season is typically when people are not traveling. These are going to be the cheaper options for flights and stays across the board.”

Whether you’re heading to the Caribbean, Europe, or even inside the US itself, planning for travel in the early months of the year is key to getting a good deal.

Rolley says the most expensive time to travel is the high season, or mid-May through the third week of August.

The three biggest go-to tips from Rolley? Subscribing to travel newsletters, setting flight alerts, and looking for last-minute flights for less.