Here’s the real problem with allowing illegal immigrants into the country — New York City police officers were kicked and beaten up outside a migrant center

February 1 — When police officers attempted to move a group of men from the front of a migrant shelter in Midtown Manhattan on Saturday, the scene became violent. 

Several men assaulted a lieutenant and officer, kicking them in the head and body. Video footage from a camera on a nearby building captured the incident. 

Four suspects, three of whom are from migrant shelters in the city, have since been arrested, as well as a homeless man. Police are looking for seven more suspects.  

The officers suffered cuts to the face and bruises to the body. 

All suspects were charged with assault and released without bail. 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM said, “Some real disturbing, disgraceful news out of that party that runs that show, the Democrats and the people that continue to vote them in over and over and over. Whether you get your thousands of dollars and food or we give you a free apartment, we get you healthcare, we get you education, it’s all paid for by you and then the cops there get beaten up and then they put these monsters back on the freaking street here. This does not have a good ending. It doesn’t happen today, tomorrow, but the more people see this, and the more people experience this, this does not have a good ending.”

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “This is an awful situation and in the days leading up to this event, there has been reporting in New York that some of the groups of these illegal immigrants, many of whom were the ones that arrived on the buses from Texas, they’ve been setting up these almost what you would call cartels within the city that are criminal enterprises. Then you have this video of the group that beat up this police officer.”

New York Governor Kathy Hochul suggested deporting the illegal immigrants. 

Barkdoll said, “She said it should be looked at. It’s unreal that not only were they released back on the street, but that something is not being examined to do something about this. The governor of course is correct. They ought to be kicked out of the state. She’s not being super forceful about it, but you can just imagine how maddening this must be. If you’re a New York City resident police officer, a business person can see this kind of stuff happening in your city.”

Jansen said, “If the cops hadn’t kept moving and getting away from them, someone looking at it who’s got expertise said they were positioning them so they could kick them in the head. That’s potentially lethal. That’s trying to kill somebody. You kick somebody in the head, you are trying to kill them. I understand that one of these guys, I don’t know if it was one that was flipping the bird at everybody when he was let out, and how telling is that? These are illegal, I’m not going to call them migrants anymore, they’re illegal aliens taking advantage of this ridiculous open border and these policies that just want to welcome everybody with open arms. At least one of them has prior criminal offenses. I think two of them violated parole. How is this happening? And whatever happened to the idea that if you attack police, there’s a harsher penalty?” 

Barkdoll said, “I don’t know why they’re not being deported. If they’re here illegally, and then they commit a crime like this against a police officer, why should they even be allowed to stay? I mean, you would think the court and other officials would be stepping in to get the wheels in motion to deport them. This happened right off of Times Square. This wasn’t in some remote part of the city and during the day.”

Ryan said, “Look, you continue to put people in office, in New York City or in Philly or in Baltimore, or in Chicago, you continue to put the same party in charge, and then you wonder why businesses are shutting down, people are leaving, people are dying.”

Jansen added, “And people are buying guns to protect themselves when they see this.”

Ryan continued, “And then you get a governor who says well, you can’t bring a gun to Times Square. So you can’t protect yourself. Honestly, it shouldn’t be surprising to you if you’re in those areas that are led by that party, that will source lawyers to continue to cover for monsters.”

Jansen said, “And this isn’t an invasion of violent people? I mean, they’re setting us up for such failure because someone’s going to get scared or get angry.”

Ryan suggested, “That’s what the Democrats are counting on here. It fits your narrative.” 

Jansen said, “Then it’ll be a self-fulfilling prophecy as far as they’re concerned.” 

Ryan concluded, “Your daughters are being sent to slaughter and nobody cares about it.”