Here’s a sobering point for this country:  we saw more security at the Super Bowl this Sunday than we have at our southern border

February 13 – Sunday night’s Super Bowl between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers that went into overtime had 123.4 million viewers. 

As everyone knows, KC took the win. 

But the ratings were record numbers. 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “This is remarkable, though, I think. I mean, the reporting this morning is this may have been the most watched television event in history. Now the 1969 moon landing is often thought of as the most watched program, but there weren’t ratings like we have now.”

Over the years, the ratings for the Super Bowl have continued to tick up and keep setting records.

Barkdoll said, “So CBS no doubt had a blockbuster night, as well as the city of Las Vegas and the NFL itself, but the NFL is really proving to be this sort of unstoppable force. We remember years ago, they were having some problems with a lot of the things that were going on. But it seems to be the one thing still in the country that at least for a few hours on a Sunday night in February, the country comes together and has this common experience of watching a football game and in that respect, I think it’s very good.”

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “Remember you had more security in Las Vegas for the Super Bowl than you have on the southern border, Biden’s southern border. Let that sink in for a hot second.”

When it comes to security and President Joe Biden, a number of people are surprised to find the president choosing to use TikTok for his campaign, despite the fact that the app has been banned on most US government devices. 

Barkdoll said, “I’ll be curious to see do all of the candidates, specifically, people like Trump and RFK jump onto this? The Biden campaign is citing the fact that they need to go where the voters are.”

A Gallup poll released a few months ago found that 40% of millennials get their news and information exclusively from TikTok. 

Barkdoll suggested, “No doubt that has some resonance if you’re sitting in a campaign meeting for any candidate. That’s a troubling poll. But I have a feeling unfortunately as we get into the summer and the fall and the height of campaign season, I’ll bet all of these candidates are going to be using TikTok in a big way to reach that young audience.” 

Congressman John Joyce said, “Biden in his desperation to attract young voters has gone to a platform, TikTok, that is owned by the Chinese Communist Party. Boy, it makes you wonder so much about his mental status. I think that was brought to light just last Thursday, when Special Counsel Robert Hur released what I’m going to call a scathing report, as part of the Department of Justice investigation into Biden’s mishandling of classified documents. Despite clear cut evidence, the Biden’s willful retention and disclosure of classified evidence, Hur’s report recommended no criminal charges against Biden. That was in part because Hur determined that Biden’s memory had and his words in his report significant limitations, that he could not convince a jury that Biden held a mental state of willfulness that a serious felony requires. So what this report told America was we have a president who has a conflicted and a diminished mental status. I’m not going to make this about age. We know many individuals of that age are completely mentally competent, but we don’t have a President of the United States. It’s simply a man who can’t even be held responsible for handling classified information, property which has absolutely no business being outside of the Oval Office. That individual should not hold the Oval Office. Then what did we see? On Thursday night, we saw an attempt from Biden to push back on Hur’s report and show the American people that he has mental capabilities. He has the mental strength necessary to be the President of the United States. But then we saw the real Biden once again come out. He called the Egyptian President Sisi, he called him the president of Mexico. He wasn’t even on the right continent. Let’s be clear, this is not an age issue. This is a mental capacity issue and Biden doesn’t have the mental capacity to be the President of the United States.”