Here’s a shocking statistic — 7 million people illegally crossed the border last year and it’s expected to be 8 million this year

June 19 — The rate of people entering this country at the southern border is pretty shocking. 

Last year there were 7 million that crossed the border illegally and apparently that number is expected to reach 8 million this year. 

That doesn’t count the number of people who got away — estimates are that almost 2 million people didn’t get counted who entered the country. 

What could this mean for the future of the United States? 

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “We hear that among the ICE agents, they’re facing 7,000 cases per ICE agent. Although they’ll talk about personnel shortage, that is not the reason for this. This is the flooding of our border by the millions. These latest numbers that have been put out, I believe, by Fox News and Bill Melugin are down there on the border. They’ve been looking at this very closely. It’s stunning. Is Biden’s new executive order doing much of anything?”

Congressman John Joyce said, “It appears to be doing nothing, putting that 2500 cap on it. We need to secure our border. We need to reinstate Remain in Mexico. We need to give a strong border that we had under President Donald J Trump. Those numbers are going to continue to escalate, and those are just the numbers that we have encountered. Those don’t include the got aways. We estimate the got-aways. America is under siege on our southern border because we don’t respect the sovereignty of our country. Biden doesn’t respect the sovereignty of our country and does not allow us to pass HR 2. It needs to go in front of the Senate. It needs to be passed and it needs to be signed into law by Biden. Any country is reliant on protecting its border, and Biden, when he ran on it, he said he was going to open the border. I guess that’s one pledge he kept up. But unfortunately, that is to the demise of the freedom of America, and it is gravely disappointing to see those numbers continue to escalate.”