Here’s a real surprise — two of the four illegal immigrants charged with assault on police officers and released without bail have apparently fled New York

February 2 — When news came out that two New York City Police Officers were assaulted by illegal immigrants outside of a migrant center in Midtown Manhattan over the weekend, the reality of a wide open southern border became incredibly clear. 

Four of the men who kicked two police officers were arrested, but later released without bail — something a lot of people found incredibly galling. 

Like the headline says, as is no surprise, two of the four have now allegedly fled New York on a bus headed to California. 

On the way out of the police precinct, one of the immigrants held both of his middle fingers up to the cameras. 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll suggested, “The public should be outraged at that New York case. They’ll probably never be seen or found again and it’s just outrageous that the court system in New York would have allowed something like that to happen.”

One way some states are attempting to deal with the illegal immigrants coming across the open southern border is to send National Guard troops to Texas to help stem the tide. 

In fact, a number of lawmakers are urging Pennsylvania’s Governor Josh Shapiro to do the same. 

Barkdoll said, “More and more signatories are getting on that letter to the governor encouraging him to deploy Pennsylvania National Guard troops to Texas, which now 14 or so other states have already done to help out down there. We may any hour now get the details on that federal border deal in the Senate. We’ve been talking a lot about it. It hasn’t been officially published. It sounds like it may come out some time this morning. So a lot is going on all around this issue. Ultimately, if I had to bet, I’m still not convinced Shapiro is going to take any action on this. We may be wrong. I hope I’m wrong, but I would be surprised if he approves this.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM noted, “There is no Democrat Governor supporting that and I can’t stand this. Why should it be team Republican, team Democrat? We can all see, including Democratic mayors of many cities, the chaos that’s coming when we flood with people who have not been vetted. These guys who beat up these cops. It’s unbelievable that even in a sanctuary city, that kind of thing, attacking police officers wouldn’t be enough to contact ICE, wouldn’t be enough to give these guys bail and keep them in jail because they were going to get some serious charges. What are all these nonprofits who are helping illegals? Do they bear some responsibility here? Because apparently it was a couple of those types that got them onto buses and got them out of there. They probably lied to these nonprofits about who they were. But they’re really supplementing this.”

There is a lot of debate going on in Denver, CO, right now about this issue. Denver is believed to be the single largest location in the US where the illegal immigrants are landing. 

Estimates are that up to 50,000 illegal immigrants are in Denver. 

Barkdoll said, “What’s interesting out there is not only is the mayor and the governor ringing the alarm bell about this, but some of the nonprofit groups that you’re nothing, even they are saying, our mission is to do X, Y and Z for the local population. They’re now strained to the point that they’re not able to provide the necessary services. I think it’s a valid question. If you’re running a nonprofit, you do this blindly. I mean, anyone that comes in the door, you help them and that’s part of your mission. But like in this case of New York, if you were here illegally, if you knew they had just committed these crimes, I think there’s an argument that you did not have to step in and help them, if indeed, that’s what happened here. By the way, I think these are the things that a governor should be looking at. Politics and party should be out of all of this, but if I’m Governor Shapiro or a governor in any state, you would have to be concerned about what’s happening in a place like Colorado or in Massachusetts. What if this now comes into your state? Do you have the resources to address it? In most cases, the answer is absolutely not. No one is equipped to deal with this influx of people.”