Here’s a real look at the impact of immigration in New York City schools

January 10 — Students in a New York City High School will return to remote learning as their school is being used as a temporary shelter for migrants coming into the city from the southern border. 

The migrants were moved from Floyd Bennett Field after a storm made conditions unsafe for them to James Madison High School, making the school unable to be used for actual teaching. 

The conditions at Floyd Bennett Field were that of a tent city and with wind gusts expected up to 70 mph, the migrants were moved to the school. 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “They pay it’s like nearly $40,000 per kid to educate and let’s not get too carried away with some of the things that are churned out of the New York schools. I don’t know where this ends, but if the police aren’t coming and lawmakers aren’t fulfilling what their constitutional duties are, and then I can’t get my kid into school that I have to go to virtual learning, we all know how that turned out. Now you’ve got this? You’ve got to be kidding me. At what point do we say you know what? I’m not paying for it anymore because I’m not getting the services and you’re churning out idiots in the school system here. You know that that’s going to be knocking on in Pennsylvania and our surrounding states. Let’s just take what is happening in New York and apply it around here.”

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “It is outrageous and when we have these immigration discussions, I often bring up the fact in Texas and Arizona the impact this has on schools because every state constitution guarantees free public education to any child living in the district, whether they’re there legally or illegally. Texas has been screaming for years this is affecting our kids. We can’t keep accommodating these immigrants because it’s then pushing out the legal citizens that are living here. So what you’re seeing in New York is even more outrageous because apparently the school building had to close because the government is requiring the school building to be used for temporary housing for the immigrants that are being bused there. So you can imagine the outrage if you’re a parent of one of the students in that school building. My fear with this is once they go virtual, and we’ve seen this movie before during COVID, does this just become the easy default route? It’s only going to be for a week or two. Well, then that becomes two or three months, that becomes an entire school year. We know all of this research is coming out, we’ve interviewed some of these researchers, the woman as I recall from Brown University, showing the detrimental effects of prolonged virtual schooling and here are all these poor kids now in New York by no fault of their own that are going to be subjected to this.”