Here comes another executive order on student loan debt

February 22 — President Joe Biden has penned yet another executive order to forgive more student loan debt for borrowers who originally took out $12,000 or less in student loans and made as few as 10 years of qualifying payments. 

The grand total would be $1.2 billion in student debt that would just be wiped away. 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “You may hear the word canceled student loan debt. It’s not canceled. That is a lie that the mainstream media is caring for the Liar in Chief. The White House and Education Department is continuing to buy votes and if you didn’t go to college, you’re going to pay for people that signed a piece of paper and now don’t have to pay that back. Please stop using the word cancel. It’s a huge disservice to anybody with a brain.”

Attorney Clint Barkdoll noted, “If you look into the details of this, it’s very puzzling because the majority of these loans that are being discharged are community college loans that were under $12,000 and the borrower has been making payments for more than 10 years. Just stop and think about that for a minute. To me, that doesn’t make sense because have these people been paying maybe $75 a month? If they borrowed up to $12,000 and after 10 years, it’s still not paid off,  did they just quit paying it? Or were they paying such a nominal amount all of those years? How would there still be balances like this leftover? But that’s the reporting and it is to the tune of well over a billion dollars that falls into that category.”

Ryan added, “How this continues, you see $250 million dollars given out to illegal immigrants in Chicago, you got $53 million, $5,000 to $10,000 a card being handed out to illegal immigrants in New York City. New York City after all this influx of illegal immigrants is on the hook, they’re in the hole for $4 billion, 7 million illegal immigrants in the country. Now I’ve got to eat another $1.2 billion. At what point will people just say you know what? I’ve had it and I don’t get the services I’m getting, you’re overtaxing them all over the place here. The incompetence and no accountability, or very little for the money that’s going on our proxy war with Russia through Ukraine and the southern border. I don’t know when people will have had enough.”

Barkdoll said, “Many experts point out that it’s often the lower paid workers, the non college educated workers, they’re really the ones that suffered more of a burden in these forgiveness or cancellation programs, whatever we call them. Because, again, everyone’s contributing to this subsidy, if you will, and that forgiveness yesterday of one and a half billion dollars, that’s on top of billions that Biden has also forgiven by executive order over the past year and this is in spite of a US Supreme Court decision that said it was illegal for him to do blanket cancellation and he seems to be figuring out these workarounds, where he can do certain segments of student loans in a piecemeal fashion to still accomplish his goal.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM said, “But these are still going to be challenged. I mean, this abuse of the process is absolutely unforgivable. He is creating such chaos in the way things can be handled from the federal government, with all kinds of executive orders that seem to be against the Constitution for someone who has pledged to uphold the Constitution. To me this falls under high crimes and misdemeanors, it really does. You are abusing us. You are using your power to shift money around to buy votes and to put us into a situation where then how do you claw this back even if the process in the end says, no, he couldn’t do these executive orders, how do you take that money back and not cause even more political and trust chaos among the people of this country?”

Barkdoll suggested, “That’s precisely the problem. I don’t think you could. So once these borrowers get that letter next week, that says the loans forgiven. Here’s your statement, showing zero balance. I think it would be impossible to claw it back. Now, unlike that initial round of blanket forgiveness, everything was put on hold. These accounts are actually going to be discharged to zero.”