Headed to Penn State in the fall? Don’t call yourself a freshman – it’s not inclusive enough

CHAMBERSBURG – For months now you have heard story after story warning of the dangers of the new, politically correct ideology sweeping the nation, saying it was going to drastically alter the future of this country.

Penn State University recently offered a glimpse of exactly what we’ve been talking about.

At the end of April this year, the Senate Committee on Curricular Affairs at Penn State passed a resolution called “Removal of Gendered and Binary Terms for Course and Program Descriptions” with a majority vote.

They are banning terms like freshman, junior, senior, upperclassmen, underclassmen and more because they are too paternalistic.

State Representative Rob Kauffman, Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen discussed this new trend on the only live-local morning information radio show (6am-9am on 103.7FM ) First News.

Kauffman said, “I can never figure out a legitimate, high quality learning institution taking themselves down a rat hole that nobody cares about. No one cares if you call someone a freshman. I have never, never had a young lady flip out at me because I said she was a freshman.”

Jansen said, “This is this new ideology. You cannot offend anybody ever in any way shape or form and they specifically said we know we have a legacy of white, male dominated society. Do you not have anybody there that understands the English language? When you say man and men in that generic sense, it means human and it always has. Oh no, that’s too much connection to males. Males are the patriarchy. We have to undermine that influence. We cannot allow people to say freshmen anymore.”

Ryan scoffed, “This is the same stupidity that said it’s not Mother’s Day anymore it’s Birthing Person’s Day.”

Jansen noted, “We’re acting like these words are what’s causing harm and trauma. No. You’re sensitizing kids to be sensitive to these words. It’s a chicken and egg thing. I’m telling the superintendent of the Chambersburg Area School District this same thing.”

It was announced recently that 20% of students in CASD “feel unwelcome” based on survey results.

Jansen said, “I’d like to know where you got those surveys because BLM flooded the whole country with surveys and they are very much behind this new ideology of looking at us as systemically racist and the patriarchy, colonialism and all of that. I’m sure those questions are probably weighted and loaded so that’s what you get.”

Kauffman asked, “What adolescent doesn’t feel unwelcome at school some days?”

Jansen said, “We’re creating problems where they really don’t exist and we’re going to dominate the education system with everybody learning about their feelings and their sensitivities. Meanwhile we’re graduating students who cannot write, who cannot do math.”

Even math can apparently be racist.

No joke.

Kauffman warned, “We are going down a rat hole in America where we will be dumbing down every facet of public education if people don’t stand up.”

Ryan added, “And the very people that are going to get hurt are the ones that need it the most. Meanwhile the PhD’s and the Master’s out there, they’ll be just fine. Their kids are going to be absolutely fine. They’re creating a whole other industry of I need therapists, I need secondary education to fix what mess was made on behalf of public education. It’s unbelievable!”

Kauffman agreed, “It’s the same story as the shut down of the school districts. The people who got hurt the most are the least among us, which are now the people they’re supposedly trying to help and fix, who again are going to be hurt by the dumb down of the education. Penn state, if this is what they have to worry about, why are we even paying for an education? This is a faculty issue. It’s just like the faculty Senate voting this week that the university should mandate COVID vaccines for all students this fall. That’s ridiculous. It makes absolutely no sense in educating young people in the future.”

Jansen pointed out, “We’re finding young women in particular are having some pretty significant side effects (from the vaccine). We don’t know if it’s going to affect their future fertility. That’s not hyperbole. This is documented now that that part of female anatomy is getting messed up by these vaccines.”

Kauffman said, “For adults who are out living their life in the workforce, doing whatever, make your decision. But there is no way we should be forcing any vaccines on any young person. That is absolutely patently ridiculous. We don not have enough studies on the long-term impacts. Generally, there are multiple year studies on what’s happening with these vaccines. I’m not an anti-vaxxer. I’m a vaccine freedom guy.”

In terms of universities making vaccine mandates, there’s an interesting caveat between private and public universities. Private universities can make unilateral decision on vaccinations, but public universities have something else to consider.

Kauffman said, “I will tell you if Penn State mandates vaccines for students, I believe the legislature will defund them. When you’re getting public dollars, these universities need a two thirds vote in the legislature to get their funding. I’d venture a pretty strong guess that there are a third of us who will stand up and say no way are you going to do this to Pennsylvania’s young people.”