Hate marijuana legalization? Love it? Washington County’s Health Dept wants to hear from YOU!

21 May 2024- The Washington County Health Department is embarking on an important initiative to gather insights into attitudes and beliefs about cannabis within our community.

Whether you’re a frequent user, occasional consumer, abstainer, or medical card holder, your input is crucial in shaping future strategies and activities in this area.

The department has developed two surveys – one for the public and one specifically for healthcare providers. Public participation in completing these surveys is easy, confidential and would greatly contribute to the department’s understanding of the current landscape surrounding cannabis use and perceptions.

Public Google Link: https://forms.gle/fVDnDQN7cPPhmtag6

Provider Google Link: https://forms.gle/KxwCoQAfykMwNQq26

WCHD will also be hosting several public focus group sessions in Boonsboro, Hancock, and at our Behavioral Health Services location. All focus group participants will receive a free meal and gift card for their participation. If you or someone you know is interested in participating in a focus group related to this topic, register by clicking the links below, or please don’t hesitate to reach out to wchd.ohe@maryland.gov

Boonsboro 5/23  4pm-6:30pm (ages 18+): https://forms.gle/phQicSvDcuYPR2XSA

Hancock 5/29  4pm-6:30pm (ages 18+): https://forms.gle/WXic2Ho2MgywesFJ6

BHS/Young Adult 6/6  2pm-4pm or 6/7 1pm-3pm (ages 18-20): https://forms.gle/jefu7d7invTeXTy3A