Hate crimes legislation will go to the full House in PA and could be an effort to control speech and thought

June 29 – The Pennsylvania House Judiciary Committee passed a package of hate crimes bills at the end of May that will be coming to the full House soon. 

Originally termed “ethnic intimidation,” the four bills look to change the language to “hate-based intimidation” and they have added gender expression, sexual orientation and gender identity to the mix. 

The bill is expected to pass the House along party lines. What happens when it gets to the Senate remains to be seen. 

PA Representative Rob Kauffman said, “My guess is that it’s the last day of Pride month, so I’m guessing that’s their impetus in doing it today. The LGBTQIA, they want to add everything into non-discrimination and very frankly, go after people for not agreeing with their school of thought. This is a thought bill. These are the thought police. They want to make sure that thought crimes, hate crimes go after people who have a different point of view and they’ll use any means necessary to quell speech, thought. It’s very scary, but this is the next step of the progressives here in Pennsylvania.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “It’s even the intimidation bill, which means you go by how somebody feels about what you said. That’s unbelievable to me. That’s complete control of free speech.”

Kauffman confirmed, “It could be as simple as I’m offended by what they’re doing. It gets pretty scary.”

Jansen added, “If a kid wears a shirt to school that says there’s only two genders, he could be charged with a hate crime, an intimidation hate crime.”

That could happen because of this legislation. 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM asked, “Are you guys trying to rip anything out? Can you hold anybody accountable? I guess the only way, the backdrop is the Senate, right?”

Kauffman said, “Ideally, it will be stopped dead in its tracks in the Senate.”

“Well, prayers for that,” Ryan said.