Hagerstown woman booked in Franklin County for thousands of dollars worth of retail thefts

13 March 2024- Walmart and Ulta Beauty in Chambersburg, PSP say, were the targets multiple times by a Hagerstown woman last year as she allegedly stole thousands in items from the retailers. Loren Evette Hayes is charged in one cast with felony conspiracy to commit retail theft and felony attempted retail theft. Hayes was also charged with two counts of felony retail theft from two different cases in December of 2023. She is currently free today on an unsecured combined bail of $75,000.

PSP list their first incident involving Hayes took place on July 14th, 2023 when they were dispatched to Ulta Beauty in Guilford Township around 7:50pm for a retail theft. Troopers spoke to the manager at the store who allegedly told them that a white man and black woman entered the building around 7:40pm and began filling a basket of items, both men’s cologne and women’s cosmetics. The male, who’s name is redacted in court filings, managed to leave the store while having a number of items on his person.

Other interviews on the scene allegedly show that when the manager was calling 911 and looking for a license plate on the man’s getaway car, the woman he entered in with dropped items from her basket onto the floor. After hovering at the entrance for a time, that woman came to the checkout counter before managers physically took the basket from her. She then left without anything on her.

Troopers were able to get a Maryland registration off the duo’s alleged getaway car, with it coming back as being stolen out of Virginia. During the investigation, as well, PSP were able to identify the man and his alleged accomplice, Loren Hayes. During this incident, Troopers say Hayes’ basket she left without contained $4,497.99 worth of items.

The next theft alleged to have been perpetrated by Hayes was on December 23rd, 2023 with Troopers again responding to the Ulta Beauty on Lincoln Way East, Guilford Township around the same time of night as before. During the successful episode of retail theft, Hayes is reported to have taken $2,392 worth of items. It was a grand total of 38 items taken from the store.

On the same day as the previously mentioned Ulta theft, Troopers say that Hayes was stopped outside of Walmart on Lincoln Way East after loss prevention believed she was stealing from that location. PSP interviewed Walmart Loss Prevention, with them believing that 48 items were stolen from the store at a total loss of $1,064.81. The woman believed to be Hayes was confronted by security but still managed to put multiple stolen items inside of her vehicle before fleeing the scene.

Loren Hayes is free on a combined unsecured bail of $75,000.

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