Hagerstown residents- Water main repairs on Virginia Avenue to cause outages for some

10 January 2023- The City of Hagerstown is advising of a water main repair along Virginia Avenue that is scheduled for tomorrow, January 11, 2023.

Helpful Suggestions for Water Customers Affected by Wednesday’s Water Main Repair Work

• Fill jugs or bottles prior to the loss of pressure/water (repairs scheduled to begin at approximately 7am Wednesday) to ensure you have an adequate supply of fresh drinking water available for the next 12-15 hours

• Fill your bathtub, a basin, or buckets with water you can use to flush toilets, wash hands, and cook during the water service outage

• Once service is restored, if your faucets are producing cloudy or discolored water, let your cold water (and COLD water ONLY) run until it clears the air and possible sediment in your lines

• Call the Water Department with questions, concerns, or for updates at 301-739-8577, ext. 680 or 690. After hours, call the R. C. Willson Water Plant at 301-223-7424 and press 0 to speak with a plant operator.

As announced yesterday, the repair work will affect customers in the area outlined on the attached map, including the Greenwich, Tammany Manor and Van Lear subdivisions, in addition to Hopewell Manor Apartments and Lakeside Village Mobile Home Park.

Affected areas for January 11th water main repairs