Hagerstown residents and businesses set to get new garbage cans Monday

15 March 2024- As previously announced, in order to accommodate the City’s trash collection vendor and its semi-automated collection trucks, new trash totes would be delivered, free of charge, to all residential customers this spring. The original intention, and delivery time frame was early April; however, that has changed due to a miscommunication which has sped up the manufacturer’s production and distribution schedule. The new delivery date is Monday, March 18.

With trash collection nationwide moving toward automated or semi-automated collection, all new garbage trucks will have an arm that picks up and empties the tote, eliminating the traditional element of manual can-emptying. These new totes are designed specifically to work with the garbage truck’s lifting arm. Additionally, employing them makes the collection process more efficient, helps to ensure the collection staff member’s safety, and keeps collection costs as low as possible.

Customers may start using their new totes immediately but can continue to use their current trash cans in addition to the new totes until July 1. After that, all trash must be placed securely inside the new City tote, and no other containers or loose trash bags will be collected.

Customers can expect to receive an educational/instructional flyer attached to their tote. That same flyer will also be mailed but will arrive following delivery of the totes.