Hagerstown PD warns of new scam claiming a child hit by a bike

08 December 2022- Currently there is a social media scam going around that claims that a child was hit on her bike in Hagerstown and the child can’t be identified. This is false. If a post is asking you to do any of the below examples, it is a scam. In general, if you are asked to like, comment and share, it’s part of scammers gathering and marketing your personal information. This doesn’t apply to local businesses that you know and trust. Otherwise, if they are telling you that you can win a big prize, pray (or type amen) for something that tugs at your heart strings; it’s likely a scam. If it’s too good to be true, it is. There are a lot of online articles about this in case you’d like more information on how to keep your information safe on social media.