Hagerstown Mayor and Council Work Session promises a number of items with “meat on the bone”

Wes Decker, Communications Officer for the City of Hagerstown discusses topics

HAGERSTOWN – The 09 February afternoon work session with the Hagerstown Mayor and City Council will include the state’s economy, a potential grocery story for downtown as well as storm water protection and hazardous waste collection. Wes Decker was a guest on First News earlier today.  The full interview is on demand – click HERE.

The meeting will be at 4 p.m. this afternoon and can be viewed online via Hagerstown’s YouTube channel or Facebook page or on Washington County’s Channel 25.

Peter Franchot, Comptroller for the state of Maryland, will discuss the state’s fiscal and economic climate in what will likely be a 30-minute presentation, according to Decker.

Horizon Goodwill Industries and Geordie Newman, CEO of the Washington County Community Action Council, will present a progress report on the potential for a grocery store downtown that will focus on healthy initiative and be run by a non-profit.

City Engineer Rodney Tissue will present information on the Storm Water Protection Program. It will be a “final what you need to know,” Decker said since the program is slated for implementation on March 1.

First News morning host, Pat Ryan, showed interest in how Hagerstown will handle the dispersion of the funds from the storm water.

He noted that in an interview at the radio station on Friday, a phone call with a state Senator illustrated just how many hands go into the storm water pot.

Ryan said, “You’re taxing the individual and their property, you’re taxing non-profits and churches, you’re taxing car dealerships and it’s all going to get handed back to the end consumer here. I don’t know how you don’t triple/quadruple dip on that. That’s a lot of money.”

Decker said it is potentially a lot of money and the presentation this afternoon will “outline where that money will go and what it will be spent on.”

Tissue will also have a presentation on hazardous waste collection along with Waste Management. The group is proposing an “at-your-door” collection program.  

A full recap of the meeting will be discussed on News Talk 103.7 Wednesday morning.