Hagerstown Mayor and Council will take a look at ordinances, resolutions and grant programs tonight

June 18 — The Hagerstown Mayor and Council will hold a regular meeting tonight at 7 p.m. in Council Chambers at 1 E. Franklin Street. 

Public comment will be welcome at the mic tonight. 

Does the city get phone calls from the public prior to the meetings? 

Wes Decker, Communications Officer with the City of Hagerstown, said, “It’s very rare that I get those and I’m pretty happy about that to be quite honest. Most of the calls I get people, they’ll preface it by saying, hey, I called in, I wasn’t sure where I should go with this, so I’m leaving you a message. So then I sort of pass it along to the department who should have received it in the first place. We will take care of it.”

Parking fees are on the radar. 

Decker said, “I think there’s a possibility that we continue to hear about that until it’s revisited by the council, because they’ve said that that is certainly a possibility that they’ll take a look at things over the course of time, see whether that needs to be reviewed. I think the more that that is out there in people’s minds, and they bring it before the mayor and council certainly keep it fresh for them. So I wouldn’t be surprised if that were the case.”

A public hearing will be included as part of the regular session tonight. 

Decker explained, “That is on an annexation of a property out on 45 West Oak Ridge Drive. That will be one of the first things on the agenda. Then we’ll get to the regular fair consent agenda items, 14 of those, altogether, two under unfinished business, and then 15 under new business.”

The Hagerstown Fire Department is looking at a new property on Eldridge Drive. 

Decker said, “They would be moving their administrative offices and also setting up a new fire station. They feel like that’s the best place to do it. So that’s out off Frederick Street behind Potterfield pool, back where the offices used to be for the Washington County Public Schools. There will be an opportunity for the mayor and council to vote on that lease agreement for that property at this point in time. They’ll continue at 25 West Church Street, probably through the end of the year. But again, there are certainly sights set on that for that being a new fire station and an opportunity to get all of their administrative offices moved.”

More cameras will be coming to the skate park area. 

Decker said, “I believe they voted on that last week in a special session. I think there were 20 cameras altogether going in out there at Fairgrounds Park.”

There are grant opportunities coming up. 

Decker said, “The FY 2025, Invest Hagerstown grant program, $975,000 in that particular bucket. Then there’s also the City Center Vacant Storefront grant program, $200,000 there. Now is the time to get in on those. If you heard any of last week’s meeting, paid attention to any of last week’s meeting, it was all discussed there. You can go back and see some of the particulars. You can certainly go to the website and find all of the information there.”

What events are coming up? 

Decker said, “Augustoberfest will be coming up in August, of course. Through the Office of Community Engagement, there are so many events that are taking place, and we sort of rebranded some of those things. You might remember Imagination Hagerstown or Imagine Hagerstown was one of those things that we had for a number of years, and now it’s the Decades Music series. So we’ve got one of the favorites in the area, if you like 80s music, the Reagan Years coming up on Friday evening out at University Plaza. Then we’ll also hit on the 90s decade and the early 2000s coming up before we’re through over the next couple of months. 

Tonight’s meeting can be attended in person or viewed on the city’s Facebook page or YouTube channel. 

Click here for the agenda.