Hagerstown Mayor and Council will continue their work on the budget this afternoon 

April 9 – A work session or Hagerstown Mayor and Council will convene this afternoon at 4 p.m. in Council Chambers at 1 E. Franklin Street. 

The meeting will begin with a proclamation for National Poetry Month and continue with budget discussions. 

Wes Decker, Communications Officer for the city of Hagerstown, said it will be “part two, a review of the FY 2025 budget and this one will focus mainly on the general fund. We talked about the assessable base and property tax rate, some general fund balance reserves, also general fund revenue projections, expenditure projections and debt service projections for FY 25 and kind of finished things out this week with the general fund operating budget expenditures. So all fun stuff, but again, very necessary and leading up to the eventual approval of the budget for FY 25.”

The budget is due in May. 

Decker said, “So that will be finished and voted on, approved by the time May ends.” 

A public art grant will also be discussed. 

Decker said it is “for what is called the story playscape near Park Circle. This will be a supplement to the Clara Barton Memorial which will be unveiled here in the next month or so, out there near the park circle triangle. But in addition to that, there will also be a new piece of artwork that will go along the cultural trail there as you head towards City Park, and it’s called the Train of Thought. It’s a $50,000 piece. But the good news is that the city has been able to acquire a grant for $30,000 worth of that. So that is something that the city had applied for initially and had been denied but I guess persistence pays off. So a $30,000 grant is what has come back at this point from Public Art Across Maryland and that will be presented to mayor and council and see what their appetite is for going forward with that. I can’t imagine why they would not. This has come up before them previously and this is pretty much the direction that they’ve given staff with this piece of sculpture out on the cultural trail near the upcoming Clara Barton Memorial.”

The stadium is also coming along nicely. 

Decker said, “They’ve done a tremendous job. I mean, they’ve really turned it around. They’ve worked night and day on this, literally. I don’t know if it will be fully ready to go by May 3, but they are going to be awfully close. So yes, progress has definitely been made. It looks really good. All of the pictures that I’ve seen of the field and everything that goes along with it, certainly more work to be done between now and the scheduled opening day here in Hagerstown, but yeah, it’s looking good.”

The work session can be viewed in person or on the city’s YouTube channel or Facebook page. 
For this afternoon’s agenda, click here.