Hagerstown Mayor and City Council will look at addiction as well as changing two streets back to two-way

June 15 – This afternoon’s work session for the Hagerstown Mayor and City Council will begin at 4 p.m. in Council Chambers in City Hall, 1 East Franklin Street.

The public may attend in-person, but a public comment session will not be available until the official meeting at the end of the month.

The meeting can also be viewed on the City’s Facebook page or the City’s YouTube channel.

Wes Decker, Communications Officer for the City of Hagerstown, joined First News this morning for a preview of the meeting.

The mayor and council will have a strategic plan discussion that involves solutions for the issue of addiction as it relates to drugs in Washington County.

Washington County Health Department will be front and center for this one.

Decker explained, “This is something you’re going to see more of with this administration, particularly with Mayor Keller. She wants to make sure that some of these organizations and agencies within the city are part of discussions on things like this that are so broad.”

Indeed, addiction is something facing a lot of towns and boroughs around the area.

Decker pointed out, “An issue like this is something either you or I could see certainly walking down the street any given day in Hagerstown. I think it’s something that many communities deal with but I think she’s come up with a pretty good plan here and that is instead of the City trying to figure it out, let’s bring in some of the partners who can definitely make an impact on this and have an effect and those who deal with it on a regular basis. So let’s come together as partners in this and see what we can do by putting a collective effort forth. I think it’s part of making it more of a priority and also sort of making it something that’s a little more visible to the community.”

Listeners may recall the panhandling discussion from a month or two ago.

Decker said, “We had a discussion a while back as you might recall on panhandling and in bringing in some of the organizations who could deal with some of those individuals who might be involved in something like panhandling. It’s really made a difference in the community because the community has bought in, the community has become a partner in that process. So I think putting it out there for the community and not only a presentation, but then a follow up on it. Making sure that we don’t just say hey here’s the issue, here’s what’s going on now, but let people know where it’s going from there. So I think that’s part of this particular plan.”

East and North avenues will also be up for discussion this afternoon. The City had decided to make them both one-way streets after receiving community feedback.

Decker explained, “Now after talking to the community again, the community is sort of bringing this back up and saying maybe that wasn’t the best idea. Also receiving some input from our fire and police departments now we’re circling back on those – might go back and change those back to two-way streets.”

More discussion will be had this afternoon.

For more information on the work session, click here: https://www.hagerstownmd.org/92/Mayor-City-Council