Hagerstown has 18 applicants for the open council position

March 7 – The Hagerstown Mayor and Council will have a work session this afternoon, following an executive session. 

The work session is at 4 p.m. in Council Chambers at 1 E. Franklin Street. 

The executive session will be to narrow down the next council person for Hagerstown. There are 18 applicants. 

Since Council woman Tekesha Martinez was voted in for mayor early in February, there is an empty council seat. Applications have been accepted for the last few weeks. 

Wes Decker, Communications Officer for the City of Hagerstown, said, “This process is moving forward and it’s something that we haven’t seen in several years here in Hagerstown.” 

The day will begin with a State of the City address. 

In the work session, there are two items on the agenda – one is a proclamation for Women’s History Month and the other is a discussion on the BMX Northeast Gold Cup Finals. 

Decker explained, “Their ask is for two things that aren’t normally done as it relates to Hagerstown Fairgrounds Park and to the BMX track and that is to allow a charge for parking the days of the event and also to allow for RVs to stay overnight for that three-day event. It’s something that isn’t normally done, but staff is recommending it.” 

Mayor Tekesha Martinez will join NewsTalk 103.7FM for an interview next Monday, so keep an eye out for the interview here: https://newstalk1037fm.com/interviews/

For this afternoon’s agenda for the Hagerstown Mayor and Council work session, click here: https://hagerstown.novusagenda.com/agendapublic/MeetingView.aspx?MeetingID=1167&MinutesMeetingID=-1&doctype=Agenda