Hagerstown Airport gets a reskin and revamp with new logo, tagline

05 December 2023- Hagerstown Regional Airport (HGR) is thrilled to soar to new heights with an exciting rebranding initiative, unveiling a fresh logo and a captivating tagline: “Travel Elevated.” This transformation not only reflects the airport’s commitment to innovation and growth but also reinforces its dedication to providing an elevated travel experience for passengers.

The new logo encapsulates the spirit of Hagerstown Regional Airport, combining elements that honor its rich history with a modern design that symbolizes progress and forward-thinking. The dynamic visual identity signifies the airport’s position at the forefront of the aviation industry.

Accompanying the logo is the powerful tagline, “Travel Elevated,” which succinctly captures the essence of the airport’s mission. This tagline underscores the airport’s role as a gateway to elevated experiences, seamless journeys, and boundless opportunities.

“We are excited to introduce Hagerstown Regional Airport’s new look and feel, symbolizing our commitment to providing an elevated travel experience for our community and beyond,” said Airport Director Neil Doran. “The tagline ‘Travel Elevated’ encapsulates our vision and emphasizes our commitment to delivering exceptional service to our passengers.”

We invite the community to join us in celebrating this exciting chapter in HGR’s journey. The rebranding represents not just a visual change but a commitment to excellence, innovation, and a dedication to making every traveler’s experience truly elevated. We look forward to continuing to serve our community and passengers with the same passion and dedication that have been our hallmarks. Together, let’s embark on a journey where every flight is an opportunity to ‘Travel Elevated.’

For more information about the Hagerstown Regional Airport, please visit www.flyhgr.com.