Guess who’s going into recess again? The PA House!

HARRISBURG – When it comes to Pennsylvania having a full time legislature, a lot of people are wondering if it can really even be considered full time.

This year began with serious issues in the PA House over who, in fact, was in charge. Because the numbers were so close and special elections were required for numerous reasons, there was a back and forth stalemate for months in that Chamber.

Then a whole lot of drama over selecting a Speaker of House kept the group in limbo for even longer.

Now, after what feels like only drips and drabs of actual work, the PA House is taking yet another recess – for the next three months!

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “Now these are the Democrats that control the schedule, I want to stress that they are going on recess shortly until March the 18th. They’re taking over a three month recess in the Pennsylvania House. I think it is just outrageous. But this was House Democratic leadership that’s setting that schedule.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM asked, “Is there another election that could go the wrong way that they’re worried about that they’re holding this off?”

“Yes,” Barkdoll confirmed. “There is a resignation that’s going to tie the house at 101/101 and they’re playing that game like we saw earlier this year. They don’t want to come back into session with a tie because that can throw some things into turmoil. So they’ll hit the brakes now for three plus months so that they can stay in power. It’s just ridiculous.”

Jansen said, “It seems it should be unallowed. This to me is a huge indication we do not need a full time legislature. Heck, if they can take off until March, what do we need a full time legislature for? Why are we paying a full time legislature? How is that allowed? It seems like there should be some way that the public can say no you cannot change that, not work this much just to keep your power struggle in check.”

Ryan said, “Shapiro, if he had any worth, he would say you know what? This is not right for the people’s business and the paychecks that go in here. This is ridiculous and shame on both parties, whoever is involved with pushing this narrative forth because I’m sure there’s Republicans that are going oh yeah, just go along to get along. I’ll make sure I get whatever goodies I’ve got coming to me. I’m going to still get a paycheck.”

Jansen wondered, “How much work are you going to do in your district for that long? I know they can do some great work in the district, but seriously until March?”

Barkdoll suggested, “They can have some committee meetings, but remember it also effectively jams up the Senate because nothing can get on the House floor for a full vote until March 18.”

Ryan said, “They’re counting on sleepy, sleepy Pennsylvania. Nothing to see here. Nothing to worry about. Well, I’ll just shrug my shoulders. Nothing I can do about it. Oh, there’s something you can do about it.”

Jansen pointed out, “If the Republicans were in control of the House doing this, the media, PennLive, they’d be losing their minds.”

Ryan said, “WITF would be screaming bloody murder.”

Jansen said, “I can’t wait to see the tenor of any comment on this from our media.”

“There’ll be zero,” Ryan predicted. “You can count on that.”