Greencastle woman charged with trying to use phony bills marked “for motion picture use only”

14 July 2023- A Hagerstown woman is arrested in Franklin County, PA after she allegedly tries to use phony bills multiple times at the same Greencastle gas station. Breanne Nicole Gift is charged with felony forgery and misdemeanor theft. She’s currently free on an unsecured bail of $20,000.

Pennsylvania State Police were dispatched to the TA Travel Center in Greencastle on September 9th of 2022 for a reported theft. Police talked to the management, who allegedly said that a woman had come in around 3am and purchased candy and a pack of cigarettes with a $100 bill, taking the remaining money in cash. The woman then allegedly came back into the store a short while later and tried to buy a gift card, but the $100 bill she tried to use was rejected by the cashier because he determined it to be fake. After the woman left, cashiers realized that the other $100 bill she used was also fake with the words “for motion picture use only” marked on it. Police reviewed security camera footage of the incident and found the recount of events as correct.

On November 10th of 2022, TA Travel Center employees again contacted PSP saying that the same woman had returned. Police managed to arrive before she left, where she was informed that she was the subject of an investigation. It was at this point she was identified as Breanne Gift.

Gift was interviewed at the gas station, with her allegedly admitting that she had purchased items with a $100 bill that day in September. Gift said that “she didn’t think to inform TA employees that they had accepted a fraudulent bill in her previous transaction”. Gift allegedly told police that she had sold a set of tires on Facebook marketplace recently and she was using the bills that were given to her during the tire sale. Police were unable to get a name or other information relating to the person who bought her used tires. Finally, Gift allegedly told police she got rid of the rest of the phony cash after she found out it was fake.

After the interview, police again talked to TA Travel Center staff, who allegedly told them that Gift had attempted to pass another fraudulent bill THE DAY PRIOR.

Breanne Gift is free on an unsecured bail of $20,000. Her preliminary hearing is set for July 25th.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-39305-CR-0000053-2023, Incident No.: PA 2022-1166594