Greencastle man charged with aggravated assault against his grandfather

01 July 2024- A man with multiple cases in front of Franklin County judges this year is now facing more felony charges against him following an incident involving his grandfather. Dasyn Keller Daley failed to post bail of $25,000 after being charged with felony aggravated assault with extreme indifference and misdemeanor terroristic threats.

Daley was previously charged with a series of burglary and theft charges in July of 2023, which resulted in a plea agreement and seven years of probation. Additionally, Daley was given confinement of 179 days during that same sentencing hearing for a separate charge of misdemeanor reckless endangerment. Daley was also charged out of Fulton County in another case, which reportedly involved a golf club being swung at persons.

On June 27th, Greencastle PD were dispatched to a home on E Spruce Lane for a reported mental distress just before 9am. When they arrived, they spoke to the victim, who allegedly told them that his grandson, Dasyn Daley, was “going wild”. Daley, GPD say, had been threatening to harm both himself and the victim, who was both his boss and grandfather.

During the incident, Greencastle PD say that Daley jumped out of the work truck that he was sitting in with the victim and walked around to them. He then allegedly pulled the victim out of the vehicle and down to the ground before storming off and still threatening him. Daley was taken into custody shortly after.

Dasyn Daley is behind bars on $25,000.

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