Greencastle man allegedly tries to kick pill bottle of crack under police car during DUI stop

13 March 2024- A Greencastle man is facing numerous drug charges following a traffic stop earlier this week in the borough. Justin Tyler Kingsley is charged with 53 misdemeanor counts of possession of a controlled substance, misdemeanor DUI, and a citation for driving at a safe speed. Kingsley failed to post bail of $50,000 and is currently behind bars in Franklin County.

Greencastle PD were on regular patrol in the borough on March 12th when they spotted a vehicle they believed was driving at a high rate of speed for the area (about 40mph versus the posted 25mph) and the risk of a collision with numerous people walking, riding bikes, and skateboarding was great enough to pull the vehicle over.

When the officer pulled the vehicle over, the driver was identified as Justin Kingsley of Greencastle. Officers say that he exhibited a number of signs of being under the influence of something at the time of the stop, including lethargic and incoherent speech, looking disheveled, and seeming confused. They say that when asked where he worked, Kingsley allegedly said in broken speech that he worked security and when prodded a second time said it was at a manufacturing facility in Hagerstown.

Officers also inquired about whether Kingsley was prescribed any drugs, to which he allegedly changed his answer a few times.

While conducting field sobriety tests on Kingsley, officers say that a bag containing 38 white Ativan (lorazepam) pills fell out of his shorts pocket. Additionally, Kingsley reportedly tried to kick a pill bottle containing 13 crack rocks under the officer’s vehicle after it, too, fell out of his pockets.

Justin Kingsley is behind bars on $50,000 bail.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-39306-CR-0000045-2024, Incident No.: 2024-03-00124