Good advice – if you come upon an accident, especially in snow, get out of the area as soon as you can

January 19 – We all know how traffic – on a good day – can bottleneck at the scene of an accident because human nature makes us naturally curious and want to look. 

But on days like this, in snowy conditions, it’s actually incredibly important to get out of the way and out of the scene as quickly as you can. 

During Tuesday’s snow, for instance, six people were killed on highways near Harrisburg after getting out of vehicles following non-fatal crashes in the snow. Some were trying to help those who had lost control, while another got out of his car immediately after he ran off the road and was struck and killed. 

Snowy conditions make just about every aspect of travel a different story – so take extra precaution during this kind of weather. 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “They didn’t get far enough away from their cars and were plowed into. Certainly one of concern. When you’re in this kind of weather, get the heck away from the accident scene as much as you can.”

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “That is very instructive advice on days like this. Six people were killed up there and a similar incident happened in that same part of Pennsylvania last year. Two things that these experts that look at these crash scenes always will advise, if you’re in a situation like that, if it’s just like a snow squall blizzard and you can’t see anything, they actually recommend not only do you pull off the road, but you get the car and run. Run into the woods, get away from the scene, because the thinking is there’s going to be a massive pile up and if you’re anywhere near there, you’re in danger. At a minimum, get physically on the other side of the guardrails if there’s something like that there, but the point is, get out of the car and get as far away as you can if something like that were to happen.”