Glen Street and Second Street targeted for extra enforcement in Chambersburg

05 June 2024- The Chambersburg Police Department has announced their targeted traffic enforcement for the month of June. Officers will be posted as normal throughout the borough but will be focusing on multiple places due to a high number of complaints about traffic violations.

During the month of June, The Chambersburg Police Department will be conducting traffic enforcement details on Second St and Glen St. If you are observed committing a violation in a targeted enforcement location, you will receive a citation.  

Future traffic complaints should be directed to the Chambersburg PD at their headquarters on S Second Street or at the phone number (717) 264-4131. Additionally, general traffic questions can be directed as a motion for input at Chambersburg Borough Council meetings to be directed to the Parking, Traffic, and Streetlight Committee. Those referrals take place at the end of all Borough Council meetings.