Gettysburg Park, artist group fundraise for preservation of Confederate Civil War flag

08 August 2023- The Gettysburg National Military Park (NMP) and Gettysburg Foundation (GF) are proud to partner with the Artist Preservation Group (APG) for their upcoming miniatures exhibition at the GNMP Museum and Visitor Center from August 19 to 20. Proceeds from the event will be donated to GNMP for the purpose of conserving the 2nd North Carolina Infantry flag. 

The APG has been a long-time supporter of artifact conservation for Gettysburg NMP’s museum collection. The main effort of the miniatures exhibition will focus on educating visitors about the history of the Civil War, the interpretation of the conflict through miniature art, and the material culture used by both sides in the conflict. 

The funds raised by APG will allow for exhibition of the 2nd North Carolina Infantry flag in the park’s museum galleries. A new conservation treatment will include unmounting the flag from its current support, removal of old encapsulation and underlays, documentation, custom dying of new underlays/overlays for improved appearance and protection, prepare a new mount and re-frame – all of which will allow the public to better view and understand the events surrounding the Battle of Gettysburg, along with researcher’s understanding the typology of Army of Northern Virginia’s battle flags. 

The flag has the typical physical characteristics of third bunting issue flags produced by the Richmond Clothing Bureau (RBC) from British-produced wool bunting for issuance to the Army of Northern Virginia in May of 1863. The physical characteristics and visible battle honors suggest a likelihood the regiment carried this flag at Gettysburg. 

APG is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization of like-minded historical artists whose mission is to generate capital, through fundraising and donations, to aide in the preservation and restoration of threatened historical sites and/or artifacts. They use their artistic talents to support historical sites as they continue their dedication to the preservation, restoration, and interpretation of events that shaped history.