Gettysburg Battlefield to continue repaving for park roadways- expect delays this summer

08 June 2023- Beginning on June 12, park roads on the southern portion of the battlefield will be repaved. This four-month project will address road surfaces that are at the end of their lifespan.

We have created a new webpage for this project at Road Construction Projects and Closures – Gettysburg National Military Park (U.S. National Park Service) (

This project requires road closures that will temporarily interrupt the ability to visit portions of the battlefield while work is ongoing. Park roads may be fully closed or reduced to a single lane of traffic. However, no work will occur during the events of the 160th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg commemoration from July 1 to 3.

Roads to be repaved beginning in 2023 include: (dates may change due to weather or other impacts)

  • Howe Avenue: 6/12-6/16 – Full Closure.
  • Birney Avenue: 6/13-6/16 – Full Closure.
  • North Sickles Avenue: 6/13-6/16 – Full Closure.
  • Sedgwick Avenue: 6/19-6/22 – Full Closure.
  • Humphreys Avenue: 6/20-6/22 – Full Closure.
  • *South Confederate Avenue: 6/26-7-14 – Full Closure, includes pedestrians and bicycles.*
    • *South Confederate Avenue: 7/1-7/4 – Open to pedestrians and bicycles during the 160th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg.*

Roads to be repaved later in the summer of 2023 include: (dates will be provided when scheduled)

  • Hancock Avenue.
  • Ayers Avenue.
  • Cross/Brooke/Detrobriand Avenues.
  • South Sickles Avenue, including the Devil’s Den parking lot.
  • Crawford Avenue.
  • Wheatfield Avenue.
  • Berdan Avenue.
  • West Confederate Avenue, including all associated parking areas.

Scheduled paving dates are subject to change. Every effort will be made to complete the work as expeditiously as possible as well as minimize disruptions for park visitors. Full details on the schedule of road work will be made available on the park website and social media platforms as details become available.